Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Good-Bye Old, Hello New...

In Giggles & Bits tradition, let's "scooby-doo" back to the beginning of 2010 and reflect on the "best of the best" blog posts for each month...(does anyone get the scooby-doo reference?)

::By the way, for those of you who read my posts via Facebook, you will need to actually visit my blog to read the referenced posts (they are linked to the original, so all you need to do is click the title), the blog address is http://www.gigglesbits.blogspot.com/  and hey, while you are there, click on the right hand side of the page under "Follow My Faith Journey" and become a follower (I'll love you forever if you do!)  :) ::

January 2010: "If The Sock Fits..."  Pretty self explanatory, in other words, this post doesn't need an introduction...

February 2010:  (Okay, I have a few in February that are  my 'favs"!) "Conversation With Jesus" ~ dialog between the Big Man Above and myself regarding my trip to Oprah.  "Girl Interrupted" ~ending my relationship with a secular therapist and beginning a new relationship with a Christian counselor!  "Happy Christian Birthday To Me" ~one year celebration of giving my life over to Jesus Christ!  "Therapy Tuesday" ~this is when I was still seeing my secular therapist, and looking back, now it is CLEAR to me why I needed change!  ;)

::who am I kidding, the whole darn month of February is GREAT reading...so enjoy!::

March 2010:  "Quilted Blessings, "Sewing" Friendships" ~my blogger friend Patti hand made me the MOST BEAUTIFUL quilted piece...check it out!  "People, People Who Need People..." ~introduction to some of the most amazing people in my life!  "I Witnessed A Work Of God Today" ~our son's baptism..."Betsy-isms" ~self explanatory...

::okay, March is pretty good too... ::

April 2010:  "Sex And The City: Uncovered" ~LOVE this story...don't miss it!

May 2010"The Funny Thing About Cancer.." ~"Nurse Blonde" makes an idiotic comment... "Letting Go Of The Rope" ~read on...it may do you some good! 

June 2010:  "Sixteen Candles" ~tribute to my hottie hubby (he's one of a kind)!  "Check With Pharmacy" ~Young Target employees are so smart...."Father's Day" ~Jackson is baptized and I share the awesome qualities of my step-dad!  "All Part Of His Plan" ~this is my fav of June...hands down!

The most POPULAR June 2010 post was this...(read for a good laugh): "Masked Panties"

July 2010: "There's No Place Like Home" ~my parents move from their home of 26+ years...as I re-read this post I realized that only hours later my family would be hit with another life changing event...  "Another Betsy-ism" ~yep, I strike again.

August 2010:  "Sailing"   ::There are only seven posts in the month of August...all seven are worth the read, they all shed light on what my family and I have been healing through::

September 2010:  "How EmBRAassing" ~what can I say, I'm a walking disaster, but quit witted!  ;)

October 2010:  "Will Work For Food" ~I thought I was doing the good...turns out the good was being done for me, what an amazing lesson and gift!

November 2010:  "Calling All Angels" ~a post about true community and friends...

December 2010:  "Voicemail From Heaven" ~proof that God is with us!

There it is...a year's worth of recorded moments and new memories to add to my lifetime...

...and I sing the traditional New Year's song....

(sung to the tune of "Are You Sleeping")

Hello New Year
Hello New Year
Good bye old
Good bye old
Hello New Year
Hello New Year
We're glad you're here
We're glad you're here...

Happy New Year to you and your family!!

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