Thursday, January 7, 2010

If The Socks Fit...

I have a friend that is a fairly new friend, she came into my life a little over two years ago.  She is someone I aspire to be like, someone I can depend on, someone whose advice I will follow and she is someone I have claimed as one of my spiritual mentors.  This friend is older than me, not by much...certainly wiser, more experienced and a lot more mature.  She is the epitome of what a true christian should be and a role model to me as a mother, a wife and a friend.  She taught me the meaning of being "saved" and developing a relationship with Jesus Christ. 

Last year I traveled to New York City four times for my job, February, May, July and October.  February was my first experience in New York City.  My friend was with me on every trip except in July.  You see, my friend is the wife of my boss.  But I think of her more as my friend than the wife of my boss, and I'm certain she feels the same.

The significance of Becky traveling to New York City with me is that on two different occasions she loaned me a pair of her socks.  At the time I had every intention of returning Becky's socks to her...but then something happened.  One day, home from New York, I was rushing to get to work and I couldn't find a pair of socks...and then I remembered that Becky's socks were in my purse to return to her.  I pulled the socks from my purse and put them on thinking that I'd had them since the week before, she wouldn't miss them another day. 

Later that day I was in a situation where temptation was mighty (by the way, just because I'm a christian doesn't mean I don't struggle with temptation on a daily basis...because I do...the difference is now I have Jesus on my side to help me make the right decisions).  Admittedly, the wrong choice was the easiest choice, it would have brought excitement and it would have made me feel "liked" or even loved....and I was so ready to make the wrong choice.  And then suddenly I remembered I was wearing Becky's socks...not something that would typically come to mind...the socks I was wearing....but the thought of Becky's socks on my feet hit me like a ton of bricks....followed by the thought process of "what choice would Becky make in this situation?" sort of a "what would Jesus do?" moment.  And that is when I made the right was hard, but I did it! 

And so that evening when I was undressing from the day, I took off the socks that are Becky's and I placed them in my laundry basket....with no intention of giving them back to Becky.  :)

You see...I wear the socks...I wash the socks every night and I wear them every day...because Becky is an inspiration to me, she makes me want to be a better person, she brought me to Jesus and she loves me unconditionally.  She is the epitome of what a christian should be...and when I wear her socks I feel that much closer to being just like her!

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