Monday, June 21, 2010

Father's Day...

Jack (our 10 year old) was baptized yesterday! We are SO proud of him! It was a big day for Jack...his maw-maw and paw-paw, nana (poppo stayed home because he wasn't feeling well), aunt Corinn, uncle Kevin, aunt Shanna and cousins Brendan, Sophia, Henry, McKenna and Jamisen all came to the church service to be a part of his special day!

After church nana treated us to family style fried chicken at Nick's Homestead at the Jefferson City Airport....YUMMO!

Then it was nap time (for hottie hubby and me) and after nap time we went to hottie hubby's sister's new house to celebrate Father's Day with my father in law!  We had so much fun!  The kids played in the pool while the adults relaxed and visited, munching on some yummy snacks that my sister in law prepared...

My step-dad was ill we didn't have the opportunity to spend time with him on Father's Day.  I've written about him on this blog, he has MS.  The MS has really progressed quickly in my father's overall health...

My step-dad married my mother when I was nine years old...he took my younger brother and me under his wing, and then he and my mother blessed our family further with two girls (my younger sisters), Jordan and Brendan.

My dad loved (loves) all of us equally, my brother and I never felt like we were not his "real" children.  He cared for us, he taught us right from wrong, he instilled in us the importance of "giving back" to our community and helping those in need.  He was the sole provider of our family after my mother gave birth to my youngest sister who has special needs, yet never missed a ballgame, a piano recital, a formal dance or a school play.  Woven into his great sense of humor was a man of faith and persistance, teaching us to never give up on our dreams.

My dad is an honest and good man...I always thought he was a living honest lawyer...   ;)

He instilled stability in my life and Lord knows he has stood by me through every mistake I have ever made...often times pulling me out of the madness.

He is crazy about his grandchildren.  He's a baseball nut!  Hunting is his passion and his hot wings could win any county contest! 

When I think about my dad I have visions of Big Cedar Lodge vacations, denim overalls, ball caps, his Bible by the side of his bed with an "Upper Room" tucked neatly inside, and Sunday afternoon naps in the leather recliner....

.....someone once said that "father's are defined by how they love..."

Happy Father's Day Erwin...I have always felt very loved by you!

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  1. Having a little trouble with the fact that I was not there for the last Dud baptism. I was at all the others. Congrats again on that. And as always, when you talk about him, your post gave us such a neat view of you dad.