Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Sixteen Candles...

Today is hottie husband's birthday!

The big 3-5! (yes, I am a year older than hottie husband, but certainly not wiser)

In honor of hottie husband's birthday...

35 Facts About Hottie Husband That I LOVE:

1.  Patience (of course this had to be the first on my list...seriously, he's stayed married to me for 11 years now).

2.  Mark can "smile" with his eyes...I love that. 

3.  Incredible cook (when he follows a recipe).

4.  Absolutely trust worthy.  Mark is the BEST at keeping kills me!

5.  Mark has a sense of peace about him that I have never known.  It's truly remarkable.

6.  His strong relationship and his faith in Christ.

7.  I love to "watch" Mark be a daddy, he is a fabulous father!

8.  Mark is extremely strong, both physically and emotionally.

9.  I love Mark's BIG eyes...he always looks surprised  :)

10.'s like nothing I've ever known...and Lord knows Mark has forgiven me many, many times.

11.  Not only is Mark witty, but he is often HI-LARIOUS!

12.  I love how Mark always lets me shine.

13.  Mark is FULL of knowledge...ALL sorts of miscellaneous facts.  If we are ever chosen for a game show, we will totally win!

14.  When Mark reads a book he rubs his feet's how I know he is totally at peace.

15.  I love our inside jokes, only we know the meaning!

16.  Mark is often's really cute.

17.  His strong, hard hands that fold ever so sweetly over mine.

18.  When he thinks nobody is looking, Mark will "dance" to the's worthy of "America's Funniest Home Video's"

19.  Mark can smoke out-of-this-world ribs!

20.  Mark can quote just about every movie ever made.

21.  Honesty.  Hands down, Mark is the most honest man I know (other than my step-dad).

22.  When we treat ourselves to ice cream, Mark always chooses the same flavor...cookie dough.

23.  Mark has never been embarrassed to go to the store to pick up "girly" things.

24.  Mark is very sensitive to others needs.

25.  I am so proud of his willingness and passion to serve in the National Guard.

26.  Mark is a very devoted, hard working employee.  He gives his very best, every single day.

27.  The past 13 years I have watched Mark grow in his personality.  Where he once was "shy", he has really opened up.

28.  I melt at the sight of Mark's smile.

29.  Mark can out burp anyone I know (except he will never out burp my best friend, Amy...she is the champ!)

30.  I love that Mark can whistle, but he can't carry a tune!

31.  Mark has always encouraged me in everything I do. 

32.  When Mark proposed to me he got down on one knee and he lost his balance...he was SO nervous and SO cute!

33.  I love that Mark would rather watch Discovery Channel or The History Channel over any sports game!

34.  Mark has an adventurous spirit...but you would never know it!

35.  I love my husband with all of my heart and soul...and I love that he is ALL MINE!

Happy Birthday hottie husband!  I love growing old with you and look forward to many, many more years of birthday celebrations!!


  1. My hubby loves cookie dough ice cream and the history and discovery channel too!! Happy birthday to Mark!!

  2. Love the way you love on your hottie husband! Hope his birthday was wonderful and that you didn't cook. :) I love a man that can smoke amazing ribs...I have that one now too...
    Miss you Bets!