Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Another "Betsy-ism"...

I did it again...

...ABSOLUTELY humiliated this time...

...I wasn't with my friends.

I wasn't with my family.

....oh no...

...I was with a client!  A VERY important client!

This is how the conversation played out...(I will be using an "x" and a "y" in place of real names, to protect the innocent):

Very Important Client:  "Speaking of "X", I saw him at Hy-Vee over the weekend and he was with a different lady."

Me:  "Oh yeah?  Who was the lady, do you know?"

Very Important Client:  "I didn't recognize her, but what happened to "Y"? I thought they would end up married..."

Me:  "Please.  That relationship was a flash in the pants!"

Very Important Client:  (catching his breath, after laughing hysterically) "I bet it was a 'flash in the pants', but I think you meant to say 'flash in the PAN!'...."

*Seriously, why don't people correct me??  I KNOW that isn't the first time I've said that!


  1. Gulp.

    I think that flash in the pants describes it more accurately. (giggle)

  2. Bahahahahaha! Terri...I KNOW, right?! ;)

  3. Have to say I wouldn't have corrected you. Never heard either one. And I agree with Terri...sounds like yours was correct!