Wednesday, March 24, 2010

People, People Who Need People...

I am AMAZED at the people that God is blessing me with in my daily walk with Him.  I can honestly say that there is not a day, not one, that goes by when I do not include the people that brought me to my salvation in my prayer of thanks to the good Lord above.  The Meeker's and the Porter's had one very big commonality...Jesus Christ.  These people literally embraced me (and all of my faults and failures) and opened my heart and my mind to what life could and should be...

I. Am. Very. Blessed.

So I began my journey with Christ, and He crossed my path with Pastor Mark.  A young, passionate, hip and charismatic pastor that caught my ear during his first sermon in the state of Missouri.  Pastor Mark and his beautiful family have touched my entire family and our hearts, and helped us to grow as a spiritual family of our own.

Jesus led us to a life group, filled with people that instantly created a welcoming environment to a family new to the Christian life.  We shed our struggles with our group, we shared our joys with our group and we continued to grow in Christ with our group.  And now we have spread our wings and moved on to a new life group...a group that will likewise help our family to continue our path to Jesus.

A young lady that I feel was placed in my path in a way that was and maybe still is a "saving" grace for us both.  Becky is someone that I look up to, as she has walked with Christ for many years.  She recently journeyed through a life changing story and she helped me to realize that we can't do it on our own, we need Jesus to help us overcome.  She is strong, she is patient and she is loving to all...because she knows Christ.

The Brinkman's.  This family is incredible!  Linda and I have been getting to know one another and every moment of time I spend with her she reminds me how blessed I am.  She makes me laugh.  She is real.  She lives in the Word every single day.  She compels me to be a better me!

Through the people that Jesus places in my path, I become more and more aware that He knows where my path will lead me.  He sees the big picture...and there are people he has placed in my path to mold me, to teach me, to encourage me...

if only for a moment...

Paul.  A mind full of spiritual wisdom.  A heart full of Christ.  Placed in my path by Jesus to remind me that we are not perfect...everyone stumbles, but Jesus will always help you stand back up, brush you off, cleanse your heart and you fill you up with His love.

Marc.  A pastor and seed planter of a new church here in Jefferson City.  Eternity, located downtown...a non-denominational church.  I met Marc today.  At Panera Bread.  I really didn't have a lot of time on my hands, but I felt compelled to ask Marc about his church, how he came to Jefferson City and I found myself sharing my testimony, listening to his testimony and planting a seed of friendship between two individuals, passionate about Christ and sharing His Word with others!

People can have a profound or far reaching effect in people’s lives, much more than we ever think about!  I thank God for all those He has placed in my path who have helped me, led me, given to me and in so doing touched my life in significant ways!

It is awesome for me to look back on my own life and see the tremendous progress I have made and the people that have led me to where I am today!

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  1. I have to tell you, of all the people I talk about most, you are right there. Most of the people I talk to on a regular basis know you by name and know of your spunky spirit and heart for Christ. I look up to you. I will never forget meeting you and thinking, "That is a woman I want to hang out with and be like". I love sharing life with you. I am so proud of you for sticking it out despite the persecution you so often are experiencing. You are so loved. I bawled when I read the paragraph about me. Hannah went and got her sister so that she would ask me what was wrong. (H still struggles with putting feelings into words but there is a compassionate heart under all the gruff). I have so loved that you have walked this hard road with me, reminding me that being an X isn't as bad as people talk it up to be and the hope that for the sake of the kids, there might be friendship there. ANd the hope that the second time around can be a life changing adventure.
    I didn't get a chance last night to tell you the status update that I will never forget...this was written just for me, but I wanna share it with you... he wrote, "thankful for a second chance at first love."
    Man, should have told you that last night so I could see your face now. You gotta meet this guy!