Saturday, March 6, 2010

Who else?...

Who else do you know that can accomplish the following list on a Saturday, beginning at 5:30 am and finishing at 5:15 pm...

Remove all wall hangings and nails from four walls in boys bedroom
Fill nail holes
Move out furniture
Roll up carpet and carry to garage for Spring clean up
Drive to Lowe's, pick up paint, accessories and a new rug
Paint four walls and ceiling in boys bedroom
Swiffer and steam all wood floors (the entire upstairs)
Swiffer and steam kitchen floor
Clean out refrigerator (including taking out shelves and washing everything down)
Remove grate from refrigerator and clean underneath
Dust entire upstairs
Clean all patio doors
Roll out new rug in boys bedroom
Change sheets on FOUR beds (three boys and ours)
Move furniture back into boys room
Place all knick-knacks on shelves in boys room
Wash all comforters and place back on beds
Hang pictures back on walls of freshly painted boys room (don't worry, they were dry...I opened the window and ran the attic fan to speed the process)
Clean bathroom and steam bathroom floor


But my OCD is at rest....

for now.


  1. OMG to be young and have all that energy, OCD or not!
    I'll give you my address if you'll try all those things at my house next weekend.

  2. I need your OCD self to come for a visit to my home...yesterday.

  3. so proud of you. but your list made me tired and I think I need to go take a nap! love ya!