Monday, March 29, 2010

Who Are You? (Giveaway)

I'm not going to hide it...

I'm nosey.

Completely and extremely nosey.

I want to know your business.

I can't help it.  I get it from my mother.


I have this really cool little gadget/tool that is free to all bloggers.  It shares with me a daily buzz of the various places my blog is read.

For example, I know (from my's very official) that at 4:35 pm today, someone from Iberia, Missouri visited my blog.  WHO ARE YOU?!

I just want to know who you are!  I promise I don't bite...just tell me!

So, here are some of the places I'm wondering about...

Louisburg, Kansas
San Mateo, California
Steedman, Missouri (where is this anyway?)
Nelson, Missouri
Fulton, Missouri
California, Missouri
Harrisonville, Missouri
Sedalia, Missouri
Lees Summit, Missouri
Schaumburg, Illinois
Winter Park, Florida
Oak Grove, Missouri
Rolla, Missouri
Leasburg, Missouri
Clinton, Missouri
Chicago, Illinois
Tuckerton, New Jersey
Overland Park, Kansas
Clovis, California
Acton, Massachusetts
Lincoln, Nebraska
Oakland, California
Hot Springs, Arkansas
Branson, Missouri (brother Matt, is this you?)
Windsor, Missouri
Arlington Heights, Illinois
United Kingdom (WOW!!!)
Mountain View, California
Moscow, Moscow City ( this you?!?!)
Canada (Another WOW!!!)

So...if you love me, you will introduce yourself to me...and some of you I already know so I didn't add you to the list of locations.  Some of these may just be a one time visit, maybe a search that lead you to my blog...

Please share with me!  Leave me a comment and tell me who you are and how you were introduced to my blog! 

And to make it all the more fun (and add a bit of an incentive) all those that leave a comment will be entered into a giveaway!  It will be worth it...I promise! 

Giveaway deadline will be on April 6th (THAT'S MY BIRTHDAY)!!

And don't roll your eyes at my know you would want to know too!  ;)


  1. I'm gonna leave the first comment. wooohooo. I met you at church and cried with you when you shared your testimony blog entry. I still go to church with you. You are one of the few who reads my every entry and I read your every entry...even when I have to read more than one a day. I laugh with you when you mispronounce things and cry with you when you are hurting. And pray for you constantly. You are an inspiration to me. ANd I am a little mad at you for missing small groups last night when I shared my story. Don't even know how long it took. You also missed some wonderful rice krispie treats and banana cream pie and singing happy birthday to Jason and Jessica. Oh, and Jason Menken's bacon wrapped scallops in terriaki sauce that were so addictive. We all missed your laugh. ANd I cried by myself when talking about my miscarriage at the tender age of 19. Gonna love it if no one else comments...does that make me an automatic winner or a wienner?

  2. There is no way I am going to let Becky be the only weiner!!!! I am from Osage Bluff . . .that's about 20 miles from Steedman Mo! LOL

  3. I read your blog from Google Reader, so rarely do I actually link onto your blog (can you still tell when someone reads from Reader?)

    Anyway, if you've ever seen Vienna, MO on there - that's me!

  4. Okay, Bets, you caught me. This is your long lost friend, Julie Schmutzler, viewing from Lincoln, Nebraska. Have I got some Betsy stories I could tell:-) I've been reading your blog every since the Naked Cowboy post. I have an unnatural obsession with visiting NYC. I am so happy you found a new life in Christ. It seems like lately I've been struggling with my relationship with HIM, but my faith has gotten me through a really tough year and I know with my faith and the love of Christ I can continue on! Many blessings to you and your family~you deserve it!

  5. Ok- I'm posting a comment, only cause I'm hoping to win the prize and only cause I'm hoping the prize is dinner with "Hottie Hubbie" LOL!! Brother Matt, Branson Missouri

  6. I came across your blog while reading the Mayor's Blog last year. I enjoy reading it and I passed the link on to several others who I thought would love your blog just as much as I do. I am in JC MO.

  7. I'm probably Ms. Steedman, Missouri. I don't live there, but my ISP links through there. Steedman is a blip in the road along Highway 94 between Jeff City and Herman. They are famous for the SOB (Steedman's Only Bar). I think it is closed now, but I remember we went there on a lark with some friends one night years ago. They had really good onion rings. Hubby asked our feisty old waitress if they were homemade and she replied, "yes sir, made by this lil' ho right here!" So there you have it.

  8. Betsy~
    "Moscow City, Moscow" is me. :) Am I your first international reader? I rarely comment on blogs, but I wanted to put your mind at ease.
    You have no idea how often I'm blessed by something you've shared through your posts. Even the days of the downright ridiculous or crazy (I'm talking the Taco Bell chronicles here), I love stoping by to see what's on your heart or mind that day.
    Thanks for being you!

  9. Hi! I stumbeled upon your page...and I love it! You're comments/posts remind me of things I would say.

    Ballwin (suburbs of STL!)