Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Life Verse...

In our life group we have been sharing our life story and our testimony.  Mark and I will share our stories on Sunday.  I have my testimony, and my life story...well, that's easy.  But I've never really given much thought to a life verse, which is something everyone else that has already shared included in their history. 

This week I have immersed myself in scripture, anxious to find a life verse for my story.  I've offered much prayer for a life verse and although I have uncovered many, many beautiful verses that would be relevant to my life story and my testament, nothing has really spoken to my heart...

Until today.

Many of you are aware of my recent struggles...one particular struggle that has proven to be a challenge and tests me every day.  Yesterday was a particularly difficult day in this challenge...I stumbled...I fell...I felt crippled, as if I could not find the strength to stand back up....

Last night I went to God.  I asked Him to revel to me His vision for my life.  I specifically asked God to bless me with a verse...a verse for me to focus on...a verse for me to memorize and apply to my everyday life.  A verse that I can say out loud the next time that I stumble (because there will be a next time), that will allow me to pick myself up, brush myself off, and get back on my path towards glorifying my God.

Tonight, a little over an hour ago, I opened my Bible and I began to read...just like I did the other day, I blindly opened the pages of my Bible and I began to read whatever God opened my heart to....

I was reading...


and then it jumped off the page, and it startled me....

and I began to cry.

I found my life verse...

2 Corinthians 3:17

"For the Lord is the Spirit, and wherever the Spirit of the Lord is, there is freedom."

Allow me to share with you why I feel this particular scripture is my life verse...

Because in Christ, I am free...

to love.
to grow.
to hurt.
and to heal.
to obey.
and to abide.
to surrender.
to rest.
to try.
and to fail.
to laugh.
and to cry.
to live.
to explore.
to hope.
and to dream.

I have found freedom in Christ.

And I found my life verse!

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  1. Congratulations! I often open my bible and ask God to show me a lesson for the day. I am never disappointed.