Thursday, March 18, 2010

'Cause You Got...Personality...

As part of my counseling sessions with "Dr. Phil My Soul With Jesus" she had me complete a personality profile to discover my strengths and weaknesses.  The purpose is to discover my true personality type (my first thought was, "which personality do you want me to discover first?" as in "I think I might have multiple personalities"...but that requires a different and special kind of doctor).

Completing the personality profile was a tool that helped me find a starting point from getting where I am now, to where I want to be (not living in my weaknesses, but living in my strengths).  While I am wired a certain way, I can overcome natural tendencies that hinder me from making the connections in my wiring that "turn the lights on!"

I have taken a few other personality profile tests for various jobs, so I was familiar with the process...but I have to admit, I have never taken one as detailed and accurate as this personality profile plan!  The results have completely opened my eyes to the truth...

I asked hottie husband to sit with me and participate in taking the test, he helped me to decipher some of the choice words that were presented. 

Here is how the test works:

I was given a booklet that was divided into two parts, strengths and weaknesses.  Each part has twenty (20) rows of four (4) "attributes" that I was to pick one (1) that most accurately describes who I am naturally, meaning I didn't take a class or read a book to learn a certain behavior. (For example, if you have been forced to take on a role for your job and now function that way fairly naturally, you would not check that was a learned behavior, not a natural one).

After choosing the words that best described who I naturally am in both areas (strengths and weaknesses) I tallied up the scores which then indicated my basic and secondary personalities.

Are you dying to know my personality profile results???

Drum roll please....

"Popular Sanguine"

The following is a description of a "popular sanguine" (copied word for word from the profile's scary how accurate it is!):

Creative person

Needs attention, acceptance "as is," affection, approval

Best at making initial contact with people, creating enthusiasm and excitement, encouraging and uplifting others, ensuring the group has fun.

Is apt to be too easily distracted and forgetful (I would disagree with the forgetful part, I'm pretty good at remembering every single detail)

Presents in a humorous style with a light touch

Can come on too happy or cute, is not considered serious or believable

Do not let them handle money (whoa! that is REALLY scary at how VERY TRUE that statement is!)

Then the profile lists out my strengths and weaknesses in three categories: Emotions, Work & Friends (listed word for word from the profile results):

Emotions - Strengths

Appealing personality
Talkative, storyteller
Good sense of humor
memory for color
Physically hold on to listener
Emotional and demonstrative
Enthusiastic and expressive
Cheerful and bubbling over
Curious (hottie husband calls this "nosey")
Good on stage
Wide-eyed and innocent
Lives in the present
Changeable disposition
Sincere at heart
Always a Child

Emotions - Weaknesses:

Compulsive talker
Dwells on trivia
Can't remember names (so wrong, I'm the QUEEN of remembering names)
Scares others off (I can see this...)
Too happy for some (I've been told this by a client once)
Has restless energy
Blusters and complains
Naive, gets taken in
Has loud voice and laugh (WOW!  Did they write this one specifically for me?!!)
Controlled by circumstances
Gets angry easily
Seems phone to some
Never grows up

Work - Strengths:

Volunteers for jobs
Thinks up new activities
Looks great on the surface (well, thank you!)
Creative and colorful
Has energy and enthusiasm
Starts in a flashy way
Inspires others to join
Charms others to work

Work - Weaknesses:

Would rather talk (duh!)
Forgets obligations
Doesn't follow through (I disagree)
Confidence fades fast
Priorities out of order
Decides by feelings (oooohh, not good when you are in sales)
Easily distracted
Wastes time talking (um, yes)

Friends - Strengths:

Makes friends easily
Loves people
Thrives on compliments (who doesn't?)
Seems exciting
Envied by others (whatever!)
Doesn't hold grudges (ummm....)
Apologize quickly (I do, I'm sorry)
Presents dull moments
Likes spontaneous activities

Friends - Weaknesses:

Hates to be alone
Needs to be center stage (why is this a weakness?)
Wants to be popular
Looks for credit (are they talking as in "cards?")
Dominates conversations
Interrupts and does not listen (ouch, this one hurt)
Answers for others
Fickle and forgetful (why do they keep listing this?)
Makes excuses
Repeats stories

Isn't this AWESOME?!  So now I can work on putting my strengths to work and learn how to compensate for the weaknesses!!

*Could you please keep all these traits in mind when you interact with would really help you like me better.....   ;)


  1. That's awesome, I want to take the test :)

  2. That is really neat. I need a test like that too. I know my number one weakness is that I don't take criticism well at all. But don't tell hubby I know this LOL.