Friday, April 13, 2012

Thirty...Pet Peeves

30 day challenge, Question #11: "Describe 10 pet peeves you have."


Easy. And I apologize ahead of time for the "snottiness" that will come across in this post.

Ten Pet Peeves:

1. Whistling. I absolutely cannot stand it when someone whistles. I don't care if it's a tune, a way to get someones attention, a cat call....whistling is like nails on a chalkboard to me.

2. Empty toilet paper rolls on the dispenser! Really? Are people that selfish and lazy that they can wipe their own butts using the last of the toilet paper and then walk away WITHOUT replacing the roll?? The answer to that question is yes, in my house there are FOUR boys that leave an empty roll for me to replace (and it never fails, I always make the discovery as I'm reaching for the toilet paper....)

3. "Jeff City". Listen up folks...I was born in and live in JEFFERSON CITY, Missouri. The Capitol of Missouri was named after President Thomas JEFFERSON, not Thomas JEFF. So please, PLEASE do not refer to your hometown as "Jeff" City. Please and thank you.

4. "Where at?" The answer is: "In a place where we DO NOT end our sentences with a preposition."

5. People who still write checks at the grocery store checkout. Please, for the love of all things fast and convenient....there are debit cards now people! Get one. Use it. Stop holding up the check out lines, because chances are I've been waiting for a good twenty minutes to even place my items on the conveyor belt, while fighting with my children as they ask for the twenty-fifth time if they can have a king size bag of M&M's.

6. Slow drivers in the passing lane. No need for an explanation. They make me want to curse.

7. People who talk on their bluetooth headsets in public. There are two reasons for this one. A. No, it does not make you any more "important" when you have what looks like a ginormous hearing aid hooked to your ear. B. I feel like a COMPLETE moron when I have just spent the last five minutes answering every question you did not intend for me. Seriously? How am I supposed to know you are not talking to me?

8. Busy signal. Hello??? Call waiting??? Please!

9. Starting a load of laundry and never switching it to the dryer. Or....carrying through to the dryer BUT leaving it for me to fold. Ahem....hottie hubby??

10. Department store salespeople who will not take "no" for an answer. I'll take this a bit further....when they ask you, "What can I help you with today?" and you respond, "I'm just looking right now, thank you." ....and they FOLLOW YOU and MAKE SUGGESTIONS or follow up your response with, "Ok, well, today we are having a buy one get one free sale, so if you need something I will be right here." Right, but I just told you that I'm just looking, meaning...back off. Or when you are checking out....oh, this one REALLY FROSTS MY COOKIES....and they ask, "Would you like to apply for a store credit card and receive 10% off your total purchase?" and I reply, "No, thank you" and they follow up with, "You can pay the balance off right away and you save money on your total purchase." It is at this very moment that I want to pull that salesperson across the counter and scream dirty words at her, explaining that it has nothing to do with paying it off right away, but EVERYTHING to do with the fact that I'm a Dave Ramsey girl....I don't do credit cards. And P.S....that 10% that I'm "saving" on my total purchase.....right, it comes back two fold in interest rates on that stupid credit card that you are attempting to shove down my throat.

Excuse me now as I go switch the clothes from the washing machine to the dryer....after I replace the toilet paper.  ;)

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