Monday, April 9, 2012

Thirty...Dream Job...

30 day challenge, Question #7: "What is your dream job, and why?"

Without sounding like a complete brown nose...I actually have my dream job! I am a print marketing and mailing consultant with Modern Litho-Print and Brown Printing. I sell printing. I help businesses create marketing pieces from conception to design to printing and mailing the piece (if the client wants to mail it).

I absolutely LOVE my job! I love the daily challenges in prospecting (looking for new business/clients), the ever-evolving education within the printing industry AND part of my selling "territory" is NEW YORK CITY!! 

...but I would have to say that my FAVORITE part of my job is the people that I work with and for!! The people that I work for are the very people that play a HUGE role in my salvation. These people are the epitome of who Christians are...loving, graceful, merciful, forgiving, hard-working, trustworthy and full of passion for Christ! Everything they are and do reflects in the success of the company!

I'm living, er...working, the dream baby!  :)

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