Saturday, April 28, 2012

Thirty...Location, Location, Location

Question #19: "If you could live anywhere, where would it be and why?"

So, there is a couple at our church that just put their home up for sale (by owner). The husband has accepted an associate Pastor position with a church in Southern Missouri. Bittersweet for this family, I am sure, as they have only lived in this home for a short time and they have put A LOT of work into it. ....if I could live anywhere....I would choose their home. I know, not really what you were thinking...or perhaps whomever posed this question was thinking.....but let me explain why....

The home is in the neighborhood where my aunt and my uncle lived when they lived here. In fact, the home is next door to my aunt and my uncle's home. Growing up I spent a lot of time in that neighborhood....riding bikes, sledding down the steep driveways, climbing trees, playing freeze tag. The neighborhood is quiet, family oriented and GORGEOUS....many of the front yards are made up of beautiful trees that provide shade on a hot summer day or glisten with snow filled branches in the winter. The home itself has four bedrooms...the thought of four bedrooms makes me would mean that each one of my boys could have their very own room...something they have never had the luxury of having. be a bit cheesy....I love the thought of living in a home that has been occupied by a family that has been a family we have admired from afar. We don't know the Hughes family very well...although we do attend the same church, we have never had the privilege to spend a lot of time with them. But time has not stopped us from seeing what an incredible family they they love on those around well as loving on those afar (Niki is involved in mission trips to Africa). The two daughters are amazing role models for all children and Jay seems strong in both protection and faith as the head of the household. They are truly an amazing family.

Ahhhhhh.....yes......I dream of calling up the Hughes family and saying, "We would like to buy your home...."

.....but....the first rule in Financial Peace is to pay with cash.....and we just don't have an "envelope" that has $215,000 in cash.....yet.  ;)


  1. START THAT ENVELOPE!!! Dave would be so proud!(smile)
    You are so kind. And so right about the house & neighborhood. It's my dream house. sigh. When I start to feel really sad about this I have to remember, how many people get their dream house, ever? And I've had mine for 2 1/2 years! It is bittersweet. Niki

  2. I seem to remember from when I took that class, that he had exception to the cash rule, and it applied to home mortgages. Something about how having a home mortgage is good for taxes. Or something like that. I promise I paid attention - it's just been awhile! :)