Saturday, April 28, 2012


Question #16: "What are your 5 greatest accomplishments?"

I need to play "catch-up" with this 30 day challenge so I'm going to be quick with my answers and post multiple times today! Yay for's supposed to rain all day and now you will have some reading material!  ;)

 5 Greatest Accomplishments:

1. Three beautiful, healthy boys! I have an incredible 16 year old, Hayden. He looks so much my like my brother did at that age. He is very active in the music program at the high school and he plays junior varsity baseball for the Jays! He's witty, charming, smart, outgoing and very "girl" crazy!  Jackson is 12 and he's my "mini" Mark. He takes after his father so looks, personality and intelligence. He has beautiful hazel eyes and he loves to cuddle. Jackson plays the clarinet in the middle school band. Benjamin is the baby, he is 11. Benjamin is the spitting image of me! Like me, you never know what is going to come out of his mouth and he's always the center of attention. He is a straight "A" student and involved in football, basketball and choir! He is the only one in our family that is left handed and has blue eyes! I'm extremely proud of all three of my boys!

2. My faith. My decision to accept Christ as my Lord and Savior. Best decision I have ever made. Accepting Christ into my life has changed everything...for the MUCH better. It is often refereed to as being "saved" and that is exactly how it feels...I was "saved" from sin (meaning that my past, present and future sin is forgiven), my marriage was saved, my choices are now made for and around children ALL accepted Christ, so they have been saved too. Hottie hubby and I were "saved" together a little over three years ago and I'm so happy with our decision!

3. My job. This may seem trivial to you, but for me this is a BIG one! This year (in July), I will celebrate five years with Modern Litho-Print and Brown Printing. This is a biggie because before finding my way with MLP/BP I was a job hopper....seriously, the longest I have ever been with a job was two years...barely. 

4. Financial Peace. We are not completely debt free...but we are WELL on our way. We started Dave Ramsey's Financial Peace almost two years ago and we couldn't be happier with the program. Totally awesome to pay off debt, build savings, create investments and follow the "envelope" system. If you are not familiar you should be! Check it out, Google it....START TODAY!

5. My marriage. Why my marriage? Because I've had a failed marriage....and I know the pain. Hottie hubby is absolutely the most amazing man...and he is all mine! Next week we will celebrate THIRTEEN years of marriage...and I'm completely overwhelmed with love and admiration for him. He is the best part of all of, the boys......I love him completely with ALL of my heart, ALL of my soul.

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