Monday, February 8, 2010

Love Called, And I Answered!

Hottie husband called!!! 

He was sneaky and "camouflaged" a phone call....get it, "camouflaged"...I'm so clever, if I do say so myself!

Of course, now that I'm putting this on the www, I'm praying that his commanders don't read my blog...but I'm sure that they have better things to do then sit around reading "Giggles & Bits"....although, I totally think that reading my blog is both productive, entertaining and could help bring world peace....thoughts? 

I digress....


Here is what he said (in a very hushed voice, so it is possible that I misunderstood the entire conversation, but here is what I heard, anyway):

HH:  "Hey babe!  I can't talk long...I'm totally breaking the rules right now and sneaking this phone call to you"

(okay, he didn't say totally...that's my word...but OMG it would be a huge turn on if he did say "totally")

Me:  "HONEY!!  OMG!!!  I'm SO happy to hear your voice....can you speak up?...I can't hear you...oh my gosh, you won't believe what happened at work the other day.."

HH (breaking into my thought process):  "Yeah, babe, it's not about you right now...I can't talk long.."

Me (thinking to myself):  "What?  It's not about me?  When did that happen?"

HH:  "So, here is the deal, I'm back in Ashland, Nebraska.  I still won't be able to contact you for a few more days, BUT the good news is, we have a test coming up on Friday and if I pass I can come home on Saturday!"

Me (still thinking to myself):  "I can't believe it's not about me...I mean, it's always about me...doesn't he want to know that the girls from work and I went to lunch at Dragon Kitchen last week and I NEVER go to Dragon Kitchen because it's filthy dirty...."

HH:  "Babe?  Did you hear me?  I'm coming home!"

Me:  "Yeah, and I just want to say, you better study your assets off, because if you leave me alone with the kids and the household duties for another week.....well....then you should just plan on finding a home in Ashland, Nebraska.  Now......get to crackin' some books, babe.  Good luck.  And when you get's SO gonna be ALL. ABOUT. ME!"

HH:  "Gosh I miss you....and when I come home on Saturday, I'm totally going to take you out to buy you a new pair of shoes!"

*Okay, I made that last part up....but wouldn't THAT have been awesome?! 


Crap, I gotta go hide all the shopping bags!  JUST KIDDING!  ;)


  1. I can't imagine how hard this is on you and your boys. I know you will be excited to have him back home!

  2. I guess that means you don't need me to be your valentine on Sunday then. Boo...sob...
    JK. I am happy that you got a call and that it isn't going to be four more weeks.

  3. I am so glad you got to talk to him and that he will be coming home soon. YAH!!!

  4. You are an incredible writer!!!