Tuesday, February 16, 2010


Dear Oprah,

Brace yourself, I am FINALLY coming to your show!!  Don't even think about setting up extra security...I know you know who I am, I've been emailing you every week for SEVEN years, but I promise to be on my best behavior....nothing crazy...(at least I'll try). 

You may be wondering how I obtained a ticket to your show....well, let me enlighten you!  My mother is an English teacher at the high school here in my home town (she is most likely going over each of my blog posts with a highlighter and a red pen, marking all my grammatical errors....whatever!)...she has been a teacher for over 35 years (with a small break in between to care for my special needs sister).  Recently a group of her students wrote to your show Oprah and shared with your staff (I'm sure you read the letter first hand as well, right?) what an inspiration my mother is as a teacher.  As my mother's daughter I can honestly say that she goes above and beyond her duties as a teacher, often caring for her students as if they are all her own children.  I recall a few years ago during the Christmas season a student of my mothers, at the age of 17, was pregnant with her second child.  She was living on her own, unable to afford anything and my mother put together stockings, a Christmas meal and a few presents to make her holiday more enjoyable and full of love! My mother loves to teach, and her students are a living testament to her passion!

The letter to you Oprah, from my mother's students, caught your eyes and you have sent FOUR tickets to your show!!!  Not just any show...but the pre Oscars show!!!  (Word is that all Oscar nominees will be on your stage....for the love of Betsy, please tell me that Robert Pattinson has been nominated for his role in "Twilight!")!!

Four tickets to the Oprah Show...and my mother chose me as one of her guests!!!  Her college roommate/bestie and her daughter will be joining us in the big Chi-cago!

And so Oprah....I'll be there....all up in your business....and I only have one request....

Please, Please....when you have the camera on me, please make sure it's my good side!  ;)

Ecstatically yours,

Betsy Dudenhoeffer


  1. AHHHHHHHHH ... oh my gosh, what are you going to wear? Ohhhh, you lucky lucky girl!!! I am so jealous! And now, I am going to tell everyone I know that I know someone who is going to the Oprah Show ... just to make me sound cool! HAHA, I can't wait for that post!

  2. Please give me the date again. I need to set the DVR!!

    Have fun!

  3. As much as I adore you, I am insanely jealous of you! Please come back and tell us every detail, even if it means using up all your blog space. This is totally too cool.