Sunday, January 10, 2010

Trusting In God...

This mornings sermon was delivered by one of our church members, as Pastor Mark was on his way home from a wedding in Texas.  The message this morning was about trusting in's so much easier said than done, agreed?  I have spent the better part of the afternoon reflecting on this morning's sermon and I keep coming back to the same I trust in God completely? Or do I only trust in God when things are going my way?  Of course when everything is happy, or daily life seems easy, or money is abundant, it's easy to trust in God, but what about when someone you love passes away?  Or what about when you loose your job, or a family member falls ill?  Is it easy to trust in God during the difficult times?  I know that I am guilty of questioning God's plan, especially when it comes to my step-father, a man who is a hero to me, someone I think is as good as Christ would want him to be and yet, he suffers from Multiple Sclerosis and I watch him struggle every day.  Perhaps we need evidence to make trusting in God easier...

That being said, there are plenty of instances of God's provision in the Bible, or in biographies of believers, or in the experience of people and events around me, especially in His involvements in the lives of Christians.  But most importantly...I have experienced God's groundwork in my own life, I still am!  No one and nothing has ever provided me with the love that I feel from God.  He has filled a void in my soul, in my heart, in my everyday life...

But still, my flesh does not completely trust...and I have come to the understanding that I tend to not trust in God when I focus on the things I don't have....and that is when my faith becomes important.  Faith begins with believing and reading in God's word, spending time with God, which in turn leads to trusting in Him more. 

And then I imagine how God felt watching His beloved, adored Son being tortured beyond recognition and then crucified and dying from a broken heart....I think about how God He trusted.

What if I stop living life as it is mine and start living life as it is His?  If my life is His, then the logical thing for me to do is to let Him live you understand?  Trust would come easy, right?

But it's not easy, and nobody ever said it would be.  That's why we need each other...we need to encourage one another, cheer one another on in the Faith.  We need to believe. We need to know that God loves us.  He is good and will accomplish all for us. 

Listen to His voice. Open your heart. Tell Him that you don't truthful.  Trusting in God does not come overnight, it is not sold in a takes time, Faith and Hope.

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