Saturday, January 16, 2010

I "Better" Explain...

Scene: Kitchen table, I am dressed in footed pajamas (I am freezing ALL the time, quite a switch from 24 hour hot flashes just a few months ago).  Hottie husband sits in his blue jeans, National Guard pull over and tightly laced New Balance tennis shoes.  Both of us sit at our personalized laptops (his is blue, mine is....wait for

Hottie Husband:  "Um, Bets...I'm looking at the checking account online...."

Me:  (I pretend to be deeply engrossed in some sort of worldly news, when in reality I'm catching up on, appalled at Kate's hair extensions...don't know who Kate is?  Why not?)

Hottie Husband:  "Bets?  Did you hear me?"

Me:  "Baby, would you like me to make you some breakfast? Eggs, Bacon, Toast?" (said in a Marilyn Monroe breathy usually does the trick)

Hottie Husband:  " know what I'm about to say, don't you?"

Me:  "Ummmm, that you like your eggs over medium?"

Hottie Husband:  "No."

Me:  "Strawberry jelly on your toast?"

Hottie Husband:  "Bets...I thought you said that in 2010 you were going to be better about your spending."

Me:  "Seriously?  Honey...I've been WAY better at my spending so far..."

Hottie Husband:  "Hmmm...okay.  It's just that I thought when you said 'better' you meant 'less', I didn't realize you meant you would buy better stuff."

Me:  " bad.  I should have explained that better."

Hottie Husband:  "Yes.  Now, hand over the debit card...I'll take 'better' care of it"

Dang it.

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  1. HAHA, I am going to have to use that one ... I 'll just have to buy "better" stuff! Love it! Just glad to know what I'm not the only one that has this converstaion occasionally!

    ITB :)