Sunday, January 17, 2010

Today Is The Day....

For the past several weeks my youngest,  Benjamin, has expressed an interest to both myself and hottie husband in what it means to be "saved" and what happens when someone is baptized.  Benjamin watched both hottie husband and me get baptized last year in May, and recently he watched his big brother, Hayden, get baptized in December.  Naturally, he was curious.  And so, for the past several weeks, hottie husband and I have been talking with Benjamin about accepting Jesus Christ into your heart, praying to Jesus Christ to forgive you of your sins and the desire to live a life that is pleasing to Jesus Christ.  We have shared with him that it is important to develop and grow a personal relationship with Jesus Christ (somewhat of a challenging conversation to have with an eight year old, as he didn't understand how you can have a relationship with someone you can't see).  We have read versus in the Bible with Benjamin and we marvel at the incredible questions he asks, "mommy, why did God let his son Jesus die?  Why didn't God stop the bad people from hurting his son?"

This morning as our family scrambled around getting breakfast, ironing clothes, doing what is necessary to get ready for church, Benjamin stood in the shower, curtain pulled as I poised myself in front of the mirror above the sink applying my makeup..."mommy?" Benjamin softly asked..."today is the day."  I picked up my hairbrush and began to stroke my freshly washed hair, "today is the day for what Benjamin?"  I heard the cap of the shampoo bottle snap shut, "the day that I want to go forward and tell Pastor Mark that I have accepted Jesus Christ into my heart."  I set my hairbrush on the bathroom sink "ok,"'s all I could come up with, I was overwhelmed with love and pride for my child, my baby of all my babies who had come to the decision and understanding to accept Christ as his Lord and Savior. 

The next few moments I stood...still and silent...looking back at my reflection in the mirror...a million thoughts raced through my mind, but the one thought that cycled back around was the thought that I am exactly where I want to be.  I am so full of passion for Jesus Christ, so full of love and so very thankful for what He has done in my life and where His plan has brought me to, that I now stand with my son of eight years old and he has made the most important decision in his follow Jesus Christ.  And he understands what it means...and he has watched what the love of Christ can do in someones life...he watched his own mother and father transform in the beauty of Christ and become two completely different people.  And Benjamin wanted that...

And so, today was the day!  After our church service Benjamin walked in front of the congregation and whispered to Pastor Mark that he had accepted Jesus Christ in his heart as his Lord and Savior! 

"Today is the day, You have made, I will rejoice and be glad in it!"


  1. I've been waiting for this post all day. I was so proud of your family today. Oh, and this is Amanda T.

  2. So excited for you guys. can't believe we missed it.

  3. Congrats! This is so exciting!!!
    My girls were baptised in 2008. Griffin would like to, but just because he wants to get dunked in the tub;)