Thursday, January 28, 2010

Clearly The Police Radar Application On My IPhone Does NOT Work...

Who gets THREE traffic violations in ONE WEEK?  One speeding ticket and a ticket for failing to stop at a stop sign, last Thursday.  TODAY...another speeding ticket.  Total $420 PLUS attorney fees to take the points off my license!

So...I ask again...Who gets THREE traffic violations in ONE WEEK???

I do, that's who! 



  1. Didn't I tell you to slow down and smell the roses? SLOW down being the key word here!

  2. I know it is because you are smokin' hot girl, and they pull you over and make up stuff just to get to see you in your car.

    It won't pay the fine to think that, but it gives you an excuse to tell your husband!

  3. Girl, my lawyer hubby can take care of those! Give them to my dad to mail to me!

  4. there's a radar detector for iPhone???

  5. Were you on the phone??? I live in constant fear of being ticketed.

  6. FINE is your middle (maiden) name!!!! Hello?