Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Sticks & Stones May Break Your Bones, But Bruises...They Last Forever!

I'm calling sabotage.  You heard me.  I'm on to your little work for a competing printing company, don't you?  You have watched me excel in my sales abilities, throwing my impeccable customer service skills out for clients to drool over...

I probably took a client away from personality is hard to compete with....but this?  This was harsh...

First you sabotaged my bean know my weak stomach and you waited until the perfect opportunity, my Christmas candy delivery to my favorite client.  Okay, so I passed what?!  That same client turned around and bought me a watch for Christmas, saying I'm the best print sales representative he's ever had!  So that joke's on you...whoever you are.

But this time...this time you left a mark.  You knew I was going to wear my three inch heels probably created the ice on the steps in front of my clients office....wait, it snowed last week....okay, so you didn't create the knew I would feet slipping right out from under me, tossing me down three steps and into a muddy heap of melting snow...right on my fanny.

Are you happy?  I'll admit, my pride was hurt and yes, I did cry.  But the mark you left...well, it will take weeks to heal...

There goes any opportunity for me to wear my hot shorts to morning workouts!  Shame on you!

PS...I totally shaved my legs for the sole purpose of this photo.  You're welcome.  ;)


  1. OUCH, and darn it will get worse before it gets better. Just makes my legs hurt looking.

  2. Yikes Betsy! I would have had to shave too!

  3. It almost looks like a heart.
    that looks painful.
    So, hey, when are we going for lunch with Mrs. OsageBluffquilter?

  4. Betsy - I got spare crutches you can borrow if you need them. OUCH you poor thing. I can so relate. Sorry for the bruise. I'm glad you didn't break anything but your pride.

    P.S. Thanks for shaving your legs. I've done the same thing every day with my broken leg, just in case I get a blood clot again and they have to do a doppler ultra sound. Didn't want to gross them out like I probably did the last time. I'm afraid they'll remember me!

  5. There is not one ounce of cellulite on that leg. I'm so jealous!!!!