Friday, January 8, 2010

New Me, New List (Sort Of)...

As a work exercise a few years ago at a job I am no longer a part of, the sales team was asked to write down 100 things about themselves.  I found my list yesterday and reread my 100 things...the list was from 2005...and I shook my head, ashamed at what my priorities were back then...what I felt was most partying, favorite bars...

And so, I'm updating my list...and I'm sharing with you (after all, sharing about myself is my favorite thing)!  ;)  I challenge you to do the same!  I would LOVE to read 100 things about YOU!  If you have a blog, post your 100 things...if you want to share with me, but in a more private way, email me at!

100 Things About Me

1. My name is Ellyn Elizabeth Hockaday (Fine) Dudenhoeffer

2. I go by Betsy

3. When I was little I wanted my name to be Penny

4. I love(d) my maiden name, Fine

5. I loved my high school years

6. I have awesome Christian friends that came into my life at just the right time

7. My faith is extremely important to me, I am working on building and maintaining a relationship with Jesus Christ

8. I had a best friend when I was seven that died of cancer

9. My Aunt Stephanie is one of my very best friends

10. I love my mother very much

10. My mother makes me crazy sometimes

11. My step dad’s name is Erwin

12. I love my step dad very much, he’s the best thing to ever happen to my family

13. I miss my grandma Czarlinsky more than anything in the world

14. My grandma was my best friend

15. My grandma always believed in me and helped me realize who I am and where I want to go in life

16. Mark (my husband) is the best thing that has ever happened to me

17. I love to laugh

18. People love my laugh

19. I do movie reviews on the radio

20. I love the movies

21. Some movies are life changing for me

22. My favorite movie is Moulin Rouge

23. My favorite actor is Kevin Spacey

24. My favorite actress is Merrell Streep

25. I love Mexican food

26. I love chocolate

27. I have very low self esteem

28. I love Oprah

29. I have seen Oprah in person on stage

30. I have met Arnold Schwarzenegger

31. My dream is to be on Broadway someday

32. My favorite Broadway play is Wicked

33. I saw Wicked on Broadway in New York City in February of last year

34. I have three sisters

35. My sisters names are Jordan, Brendan and Abigail

36. I have a brother named Cal

37. My sister Jordan and I have become very close over the past few years

38. My brother has two children, Sophia age 2 and Henry age 1

39. My sister Abigail is my real father and step mother’s daughter, she lives in Virgina

40. My sister Brendan has special needs and came close to dying at birth

41. I get jealous very easily

42. I am easily entertained

43. I love to shop

44. I love shoes, I have approximately 200 pairs of shoes

45. I wish there was a pill that I could take that would make me skinny in one night

46. I work in sales

47. I am extremely social

48. I have impeccable customer service skills

48. I have had more jobs than I can count (all have been better opportunities)

49. The job I have now is the longest I have ever been at one place (almost 3 years)

50. I love music

51. My favorite musician is Sarah McLaughlin and Natalie Grant

52. My favorite song is “When We Danced” from Stealing Home and "I Need A Savior" by Among The Thirsty

53. I have a lazy eye

54. I have worn glasses or contacts since I was four years old

55. I have always been self conscience about my looks

56. If I could meet someone, dead or alive, I would like to meet Oprah and Betsy Ross

57. My favorite color is Pink

58. My eyes are hazel some days, and grayish blue others

59. I like my hair, most days

60. I have metal in my back and in my jaw

61. I have serious sleep issues

62. I have a dog named Louie, he’s a beagle

63. I have OCD (obsessive compulsive disorder)

64. I like instant gratification

65. I crave attention

66. I like to be the center of attention

67. I love to sing

68. I love to take hot showers

69. I love a new bar of soap

70. I have a sickness when it comes to deodorant…I buy anywhere from 5-10 bottles at a time

71. I love perfume, and sometimes wear too much

72. I have a fear of body odor

73. I hate spiders

74. I am afraid of midgets…seriously, I become paralyzed…no offense

75. I am a Baptist

76. I love to hear about other people’s religion, it fascinates me!

77. I love naps

78. I love tulips

79. I have secret crushes

80. I am very emotional

81. I am a romantic

82. I daydream

83. I love to take pictures

84. I collect picture frames

85. I love scented candles

86. I love my house even though it’s very small

87. I am addicted to Young and the Restless and Grey’s Anatomy

88. One of my favorite t.v. shows is American Idol

89. My favorite ice cream is mint chocolate chip from Baskin Robbins and Peppermint Stick from Central Dairy

90. My husband and I have connected more in the last year than we ever have and I cherish our time together and our conversations

91. I saw New Kids on the Block when I was in high school

92. I have learned that my past was necessary for me to appreciate the presence of Christ in my life

93. I want to be rich and never have to worry about where the money will come from when the unexpected happens

94. One of my goals is to finish college, and I will

95. I am smart

96. I am easily embarrassed....hard to believe, but true

97. People think I am fearless, but I am not

100. I am a new Christian, I became saved in February of 2009


  1. I loved reading your list!
    You are hilarious and you are real... great combination!

  2. here is 101. You love Mary Engelbreit and collect her stuff.
    Loved the list!
    Not sure that I know 100 things about myself. May have to try!

  3. OK, I didn't check your counting all the way through, but I know that you at least owe us a #98 and #99. No cheating!!!!