Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Wanna Know How I Spent Most Of My Day?....

Sitting in my office on the second floor, blinds wide open, watching this...

And this...

And then when we all figured out it was "miscommunication"....this is what I thought of...

Taxpayers money....right down the toilet.  :(


  1. What a waste of our $$$. Thank goodness no one else needed the MSHP, they were all on Madison Street.

  2. As were many other Law Enforcement Agencies...And if you think about it...most of those officers are on Salary. Sooo NOT really a Big Deal! IF anyone wants to point a finger, it would be better to point it at SONITROL. The Law Enforcement Agencies had to respond to the call they received. I don't mind the extra training they got one bit, especially in this day and age...perhaps one day there will be a Real Situation and we'll all benefit from their professionalism.

  3. Thank you Anonymnous!! Apparently Mrs. Tappel and Giggle Butt are not aware of the entire situation.

  4. Wow! If "Anonymous" has an issue with my posts, then STOP READING MY BLOG! I NEVER said anything bad about the people involved...just that there was a lot of money that went to waste. But hey, kuddos to the law enforcement, they did a fantastic job of being organized and on top of things. I for sure felt safe.

    Goodness...there is a lot of hostility from someone who wishes to be "Anonymous"...so, you can't share your name, but you certainly can leave hateful comments on my blog?! So courageous of you.

    And Mrs. Tappel meant no ill will either.

  5. Oh yeah...

    Respectfully submitted,

    Giggle "butt"

  6. Hey giggle butt...they could have come up with a worse nickname then that! lol. I have to say that anonymous commentors sure seem to be hateful when they leave their anonymous comments loudly for the world to read. But don't you have the option on your blog to erase their hatred? Just wondering. I too am glad that it turned out the way it did and there wasn't anyone harmed and that it all went down as quickly as it did. It was a great drill for if it is really needed down the road. But I don't need to be a butt to share that opinion. I could just tell you I was proud of the way it was handled even tho it turned out to be not what they thought it was. Anyways...sorry that people think it is okay to leave mean comments on your blog. They don't know the real you or they would love you as much as the rest of the world does.

  7. You've arrived as a blogger when you get anon comments:)