Friday, November 27, 2009

Black Friday...Thank Goodness It's Only Once A Year

Nothing can compare to last year's bloody nose...yep, you read that correctly.  Last year, hottie husband and I stood in line at Walmart at 5 am for the almighty XBox 360 with Guitar Hero...and just as the Walmart representative blew his bull horn giving the "all go", I grabbed the XBox and felt a tug.  Standing on the other end was an elderly woman (okay, maybe elderly is the wrong description...she was maybe in her late 50's).  She gave me the evil eye..."Let go!"  My mouth dropped, "Excuse me?" I replied in my best "oh no you did-ent" accent (I even shook my head side to side).  "I said let go" she yelled.  I looked her in the eye and calmly replied, "I had it first, you let go."  And if I were watching a movie in slow motion, she pulled back her fist and popped me right in the nose!

Okay, I'm gonna be brutally honest here and admit that the first thought that went through my mind as I instinctively let go of the XBox was "W-T-F?"  (Look it up if you can't figure it out).

Here is where hottie husband becomes "hero" hottie husband...

Standing behind me, hottie husband reached around me (completely ignoring the fact that blood was gushing from my nose) and yanked (I do mean YANKED...have you seen hottie husband?) the XBox from the woman's hands...

"Run Forrest, Run!"......oh, wait....wrong story....

Anyway...I yelled at hottie husband..."Don't worry about me....RUN!!"  And he did...straight to the check out, paid and tucked the XBox safely in the back of our SUV.

End of story...2008

Begin 2009...

Date:  Thanksgiving night
Time:  10:00 pm
Location:  Lake of the Ozarks
Scene:  Upstairs bedroom of in-laws lake home
Characters:  Hottie Husband and Giggles (that's me)
Topic:  Black Friday

HH:  "Are we going shopping this year?"

G:  "I would like to, we still need to purchase gifts for the nieces and your parents"

HH:  "Honestly, I don't want to spend a lot of money, much less spend countless hours shopping store to store."

G:  "Fine. We set a monetary limit as well as a time limit."

HH:  "Agreed.  Let's say, no more than $200 and let's get it done in 3 the most."

G:  "Consider it done."


Fourteen hours later....(yep, that's 14) we walked in the house with approximately $650 worth of Christmas.


  1. So, how many pairs of shoes did you bring home?

  2. No wonder you are going by "Giggles!"

  3. Yes, but did you come home $650 later without a bloody nose? Priceless

  4. LuAnn-who apparently woke up grumpy this morning!November 28, 2009 at 9:49 AM

    Oh by the way, Dave Ramsey has a 13 week course with your name on it!! Financial Peace University. You set goals, allocate your budget and use discipline and stick to the rules and limits. :-) OK, just a little public service announcement - now back to your regularly scheduled Christmas spirit!! I love what Christmas truly is, I just hate the rest of it. Bah-humbug! (or however you speil it!)

  5. Hilarious story! You keep me in stitches.

  6. Becky, only one pair of shoes! :(