Saturday, November 21, 2009

I Need A Savior...

Today I allowed myself to cry.  A day where I surrendered.  The weight of the world's burdens were left at my Fathers feet and I whispered to Him, "I can't do it anymore."

I surrender to the sadness I feel for the death of my grandparents, and how desperately I miss them.  I surrender to the heaviness of my health issues, and the fear that I've allowed.  I surrender to the daily struggles of marriage, knowing that it can be difficult and sometimes frustrating.  I surrender to the stress of having three boys, one of them a teenager.  I surrender to the constant worrying for my family, my brother and his low self esteem, my mother and her need to fix everything, my father and the illness that has turned his world upside down. 

I cried.  I laid on my bed and I wept.  My eyes stung with salty tears and I whispered to Him again, "I can't do it anymore."

And I heard Him.

"Trust in me.  I am here."

I surrendered.  I believed.  I wept no more.


  1. Sending out a big virtual hug to {{{{{{{{{Betsy}}}}}}}}}.
    Sending up a big prayer to our Lord and Savior praising Him for always being there and allowing us to be reminded of that especially during those times of stinging tears when we need Him the most.
    And lastly, I have this puzzling question wondering why I've heard the phrase "Heavens to Betsy!" my whole life (mostly by my mother) and why it took me so long to find Betsy!!!?? :-)
    Love ya girl! (you know I can't be serious through a whole post) <3 <3

  2. Thank you for the giant hug when I was losing it at church today. Something about that song just shows me that He is all anyone needs and the THING to worship at all times. And that all the problems are nothng in comparison to Him and His greatness. Here's one back to you.