Friday, March 27, 2009

Twilight Zone...

I just finished the last book in the "Twilight" series.

Haven't heard of it? You are missing out. Trust me. My "Team Edward" t-shirt is in the mail.

The first book in the "Twilight" series is "Twilight" and it has already been released on film. I saw the movie on opening night after already finishing the first book. The movie was very true to the book, possibly a little over-acted and over-dramatized in a few places vs. the erotic subtlety of the novel...but all in all, very entertaining!

And then there's Robert Pattinson...


Oh! sorry, I was daydreaming.

They couldn't have cast anyone more perfect, sexy and vampire-y to play Edward. He's completely mesmerizing to the point where you barely notice the slew of other attractive men in the cast.

I know what you're thinking: I've got "Obsessive Cullen Disorder", blah blah blah.

If you haven't read the books or even seen the movie...go ahead, drink the kool-aid, I dare you!

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