Thursday, March 5, 2009

This & That Thursday Tale

Blogging is a funny thing. It allows you to not only reach out and socialize with other people you would normally never interact with in your own circle of reality but it gives you the freedom to morph into the high school rock star you always wanted to be! No matter how large your readership is someone out there is reading your words and thinking you are badass (oops, there goes my potty mouth)! It’s a powerful, heady thing this blogging power!

My boss Greg tells me almost on a daily basis that I should write a book about my life. There is at least one crazy/abnormal/embarrassing/funny thing that happens to me each and every day and when I share my stories with Greg he responds with, "You should write a book! It could be a best seller!" Maybe someday I'll take his advice...but in the meantime, I've decided that on Thursdays my posts will be a "tale" from my past. I'll call it "This & That Thursday Tales!" :)

So, for my first "This & That" tale....

Let's go back to when I turned sweet 16! Oh how young and naive I was (am). One day my father let me drive his brand new Honda Accord to school (this was a HUGE me). The rule was that I was to drive to school. Park. Attend my classes. Drive straight home (alone) after school. I, naturally, offered to take four of my friends home after school...afterall, I was the cool kid with the totally awesome and fully loaded NEW Honda Accord! ;) Now...mind you...this was right about the time that the car manufacturers were trying out new things to make cars "cooler" and instead of having the horn where you could pound your fist on it in the middle of the steering wheel the horn was now a couple of "buttons" on each side of the wheel. While I was backing out of the JCHS parking lot I tried to honk my horn at some friends I saw by pushing the middle of the steering sound. Again....(imagine me pounding on the middle of the steering wheel with confusion on my face) sound. While the three friends I had in the back seat were hysterically laughing at me my "trusted" friend in the front seat exclaimed, "you must be out of horn fluid!"

Me: "Horn fluid? How can I be out of horn fluid, this is a brand new car!"
Trusted friend (realizing I just took the bait): "Sometimes that happens...just go to Walmart and pick some up!"
So...along with my four friends in the car I drove the car that I was supposed to be driving straight home (alone) to Walmart to buy horn fluid (you can see where this is going, right?).
Me (after walking around aimlessly in Walmart looking for horn fluid): "Excuse me sir, can you tell me where I can find the horn fluid?"
Extremely impatient (and homely) Walmart sales clerk: "Pardon me?"
Me (a little annoyed that I had to repeat myself): "Horn fluid...where will I find it?"
Walmart sales clerk (now with a HUGE grin on his face): "Somebody has played a really mean joke on you."
Me (standing alone as Walmart sales clerk walks off laughing hysterically): "?"
Moral of this story...when your parents tell you to drive straight home (alone), do it.
The End!

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