Wednesday, March 25, 2009

It's All About Me, Again....

You know those "chain" emails you get where you answer hundreds of random questions like, "what is the first thought in your head when you wake up in the morning?" I LOVE those emails!! When my friends forward their answers to me after filling them out themselves they always put my name after the question, "who will be the first to fill this out?"

Today, I received one of those "chain" emails, except it wasn't a questionnaire, it asked me to list ten weird things about myself. Um, okay...but I would like to change the title....

10 Weird Eccentric Things About Me:
1. I purposely keep snack bags open so chips and cheese curls go stale. Mmmmm, stale snacks!
2. I hold my breath while crossing bridges (it gets tricky on really long bridges). I really believe that if I hold my breath I will make it across safely. Ditto for when I pass cemeteries!
3. I sometimes eat mayonnaise on my pancakes.
4. When I can't sleep at night I lay awake and think up escape routes out of my house in case something bad happens.
5. I don't let my arms or legs hang over the bed because I am convinced that there are goblins under my bed waiting to feast on my extremities (I imagine them playing cards while waiting for my arm to flop over the side of the bed).
6. I associate celebrities with everyone I know or meet (it helps me remember names). For example, I associate my friend Kara with Barbie (okay, so Barbie isn't really a celebrity per say) and my friend Amy I associate with Courtney Cox. Do you know Warren Krech? I associate him with Dick Van Dyke.
7. My clothes are hung in my closet first by article of clothing and then by color. So, when you open my closet you would see black pants, blue pants, khaki pants, stripe pants, ect. Long sleeve blouses that are solids, long sleeve blouses that are patterns, and so on and so on.
8. I will not eat jello, yogurt, pudding, bananas or custard...anything with mushy texture. GROSS!
9. I suck all the salt off of peanuts and then I spit the peanut out.
10. I vacuum all the rugs in my house every night before I go to bed.
What are some of your "eccentric" qualities?

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  1. Ok, you beat me for being weird, I mean, eccentric.

    What star do you associate me with?? Can't wait to hear this one!