Sunday, June 27, 2010

Everyone Needs A...

I haven't written any posts about our church sermons in several months...not because I haven't grown from the sermons, that certainly isn't the case, but because I've had other life events that have taken priority on my blog.

...however, today I want to share with you the most awesome (okay, so I say that about every sermon Pastor Mark preaches) series of sermons that our church is currently receiving...

The series is titled "Everyone Needs A..." and each Sunday Pastor Mark focuses on a different individual from the Bible...a Biblical "character" that everyone in today's society could truly grow and experience real life change from.

For example...(I do want to add that these sermons have been truly educational for me as well as inspirational.  I am very new to the Christian walk...a "baby" Christian, so to speak, and so each sermon has introduced me to a new Biblical character!  So fun!)

Week One:  "Everyone Needs A Nathan"  Okay, so my first thought was, Nathan?  Whose Nathan?  Is there a Nathan in the Bible?  Answer, yes!  Who would have thought?!  (well, besides those that have been Christians all their lives)...  So, Nathan...he's known as the man who rebuked a king.  Nathan was a prophet in King David's royal court and he basically was the one who pulled King David aside and said, " are sinning, big time.  You need to step back onto the right path, the path of God."

....Get it?  Everyone Needs A Nathan...someone that you trust to let you know when you are traveling down the wrong path...

Who is your Nathan?  I think I have a couple of Nathan's...Lord knows I need a couple of Nathan's (I'm FAR from perfect...shocker, right?) 
Week Two:  "Everyone Needs A Jonathan" Jonathan is a great example of a "true" friend.  Jonathan's father (Saul) wanted Jonathan to kill David...who by the way was Jonathan's friend.  Instead, Jonathan protected David.  A true friend, indeed.  A true friend is someone who is a peacemaker, an instrument in the hand of God, someone to protect you and defend you.  Everyone Needs A Jonathan....Pastor Mark referred to this as a TFF (not to be confused by a BFF) a True Friend Forever!

Who are your TFF's?

Week Three:  "Everyone Needs A Jethro" (no, I'm not talking about the hillbilly kind...although I'm sure we all have a few of those!)  ;)  Jethro was the father in law of Moses.  God used Jethro in a very significant way, by giving good, practical advice.  Often we become so stubborn and proud in our own knowledge that we close the doors to God’s leading in our lives, Jethro's example is that he was not too proud to acknowledge God’s sovereignty.  Jethro was a wise counselor...How do you react to wise counsel in your life?  Do you see it as something for your own benefit or challenge the counsel because you think you know better or don’t like the person that is giving the counsel?

.... The Bible teaches us to follow the wise counsel of our elders.  Everyone needs a Jethro.

Week Four:  "Everyone Needs A Timothy"  Timothy came from a mixed background - his father was a Greek and his mother was a Jewish believer.  Timothy's life has a lot to say to us about the importance of the church (especially mentors); and even the impact of potential weaknesses. We can all learn from his impressive example, and how God grew him in his ministry through Paul.  Paul invested deeply into Timothy's life, fostering his growth spiritually, helping him to live by God's Word.  In turn, Paul encouraged Timothy to invest into other's lives...passing along the knowledge of the Lord that he had received in his travels with Paul.
...Do you have a Timothy in your life? As I listened to this mornings sermon I thought about the "Timothy's" in my life...the people that have truly invested within me their knowledge of Christ.  The people that have encouraged me to walk in the Word of God...Everyone Needs A Timothy.





Do you have someone who challenges you? Someone who models godly character and discipline, and builds them into your life? Someone who lends a more mature perspective to your life? Someone who has earned your trust enough to probe the sensitive and hidden areas of your life? Someone who is committed to walking with you through the difficult times? A buddy with whom you can freely share the good, the bad, and the ugly? Someone who will tell it like it is when you don’t want to hear it? Someone into whose life you are currently investing?

This is a ten week study, we have six more "Everyone Needs A..." to go...

I can't WAIT to see who I "need" next week!  :)

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