Sunday, April 25, 2010

Textually Active...


....if you are going to have text with other people, then you must follow the rules:

1.  Do not text while driving - very dangerous
2.  Do not text during dinner or while talking with friends - very rude
3.  Do not text while on the toilet - very unsanitary

...bad things can happen when you break the rules.

For example, this afternoon hottie husband and I had text (he later confessed to having text with me while he was driving):

Hottie Husband's text:  "Carroll Rehma is going to pick the car up tomorrow and they may need to keep it for a few days."

My return text:  "If that's the case, what will you do for a car?"

Hottie Husband's text reply (read carefully):  "They said they would give me a boner car"

My return text:  "That's sick, absolutely disgusting."

I urge you friends...if you are going to be textually active, please text responsibly...

....know what you are texting!

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