Sunday, April 4, 2010


Hottie husband and I hosted Easter at our home this year!  Thank you Lord for beautiful weather and fun memories!

Shanna (Mark's sister) and McKenna (our niece) hunting eggs!

All the grand-kids hunting eggs!

Hottie husband bought me pansies!

What a bucket head!

Maw-Maw filled over 100 eggs!!

Um, half of that is now gone...

My nephew, Jamisen

Paw-paw and Jack, in deep conversation...

Purple cupcakes and little girls = one BIG mess!

How many adults does it take to wash a McKenna?

My oldest, Hayden....Beautiful Hayden!

My nephew, Henry...check out those baby blues!


  1. does that mean that you got the willy wonka bed out of the living room for real?

  2. I loved seeing this post and all these people that I know and love!!