Wednesday, April 14, 2010

The Itsy Bitsy Spider....

Correction, it is NOT an itsy bitsy spider...'s a HUGE, hairy, black spider.... the size of a dog.

And it's somewhere in my car!

Yesterday I left the windows down on my car, the weather has been amazingly gorgeous the past several days, so why not?

When I got into my car I saw the spider on the passenger side window, I immediately swatted at it (with my cell phone) and rather than hitting it I simply scared it and it JUMPED onto the floor board and scurried under the passenger side seat....

Now it's day two and I STILL haven't found it...

....I'm sure it's spun a web and had a million babies by now...

I can see it now, on the front page of the News Tribune...

"Local "Giggle" Girl Runs Off Road, Big Hairy Spider Attacks Her"

PS...I am NOT giggling.


  1. But I am. Dear heavens, it reminds me when I had a mouse in my car and Ashley and Darla tried to help me get it and I had to ask my secretary to put a trap in my car and she did and the mouse was caught AS I WAS DRIVING HOME. It scared me so much.

    PS...I am NOT giggling.

  2. Okay I never should have read this before bedtime. I will have nighmares for sure! thanks!

  3. *shivers* I hate spiders!

    I'll keep in mind that cell phones are not good spider killers. lol