Monday, April 19, 2010

Q & A...Part I


Yesterday I posted "Answer Me This", an entry granting my readers the opportunity to ask me any question...

This morning my email box was OVERFLOWING with questions!

My original plan was to answer all of the questions on Thursday of this week...

...because I already have several questions, I am going to begin to answer a few in this entry...

...but PLEASE keep can email me at or you can leave a comment!

...remember, no topic is off limits!

Becky asked, "What has changed the most for you since becoming a Christian?"

Wow!  What a question!  This was both easy and difficult to answer...easy because there is SO much in my life that has changed since I opened my heart to Christ, difficult to choose what has changed the MOST...

To begin, I have a joy that I didn't have spills over and radiates, and I have a thirst to share Christ with others, as I want EVERYONE to experience what I have and continue to experience in Christ!

I think the biggest change since becoming a Christian is that I have a new purpose in life.  I now live life (or at least try...and TRUST me, I'm not perfect) to serve God.  I try to be aware of my iniquity and more aware of living for His will. 

Certainly my  priorities have changed.  That is HUGE!  Hottie husband and my children and I are ALL different with Christ in our lives.  We pray together, which is AMAZING and we live life together! 

Friends...God has BLESSED me with INCREDIBLE friends!  Not just friends, but spiritual mentors...I feel very loved every single day!

Stephanie asked "If you were an animal, what would you be and why?"

If I were an animal, I would be a rabbit!  Why?  Because they hop (who doesn't like to hop?), they eat (okay, so I would be a carnivore rabbit, because I'm not the carrot and celery type), they are infamous for having LOTS of sex (and who doesn't want that?) and they sleep...WHAT A LIFE!  :)

Bridget asked "What is one goal you’d like to accomplish during your lifetime?"

This was interesting to answer has changed since I've become a Christian....

Whereas before I was a Christian I would have said something like, "I want to finish college" or "I want to retire at an early age"...

I can honestly say that I have a REAL goal of becoming a motivational speaker!  Seriously!  I would LOVE to travel and speak to youth about my "Real. Life. Change."  Have you ever felt like you were drowning, and God was nowhere to be found?  I have, and I have a real passion to share this with others...He offers a peace that goes beyond your sorrow, your strife, your "life storm."  I feel like I can relate to SO many young adults, even teenagers...those that are trying to find their peace from others (by the way, this is something I am still learning...).  It is my passion to see people know Jesus, to walk in His truth, and to find their place in God’s purpose!

Shelly asked "What’s the ideal dream job for you?"

I'm working my dream job....

Listen, it's hard.  Sales is really hard.  It's a roller coaster ride...some days you are up...others you are down, and often it seems there are more downs than there are ups....

What makes my job at Brown Printing my dream job is the people that I work with and the people that employ me.  It makes ALL of the difference in the world when you work for good people!

Lola asked "Tell us about a unique or quirky habit of yours"

This was BY FAR the most difficult question to answer, because sister, I have A LOT of unique/quirky habits!  Here are just a FEW:

*When I set the alarm clock at night I check it five different times, clicking the "on/off" button each time to make sure it is on.  (Yes, I have seen a doctor about this)

*I cannot and will not eat left over food from any meal UNLESS someone else warms it up for me...I cannot see it coming from a Tupperware container or I won't eat it.

*I will not drink water from a tap.  It must be bottled. (oh, now I'm starting to sound spoiled)...

*I vacuum my carpets AND clean my bathrooms EVERY SINGLE NIGHT before bed.

*When starting my day, I MUST start on my right foot....(yeah, I'm even starting to think I'm crazy)

That wraps up session one of "Answer Me This"!  Keep the questions coming!! 


  1. Would you want to go back to your high school at good old JCHS???

  2. Love the answer Betsy!
    I am so proud of you right now that I could bust.
    Your life is your testimony and it reveals God in all His glory, mercy and love!