Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Funny Farm...

We had an EXCELLENT weekend this past week...

...our family was invited to Jeff and Cathy Martin's farm, located exactly an hour from Jefferson City.  Jeff and Cathy are in our Life Link Group through church.  They have two boys and a daughter, and their oldest son is our youngest son's age and the two of them have been besties since kindergarten!  To take the relationship even further....Jeff's parents were my youth directors at the church I attended growing up, but don't ask him to share any stories...(they are ALL about how much trouble I was ALWAYS in)!

So, Saturday morning we packed up the car with fishing poles, coolers, old clothes and shoes and lawn chairs and we set out to the Martin farm....

....we met three other couples from our Life Link group along with the Martin's and it was a day FULL of farm fun!!

Evan Martin and my Benjamin

Hayden (my oldest, in the green) and his best buddy, Cory

Elise Martin and Oliver Sullivan...are they not just the
CUTEST kids?! 

Jackson rides the battery operated 4-wheeler...
not quite ready for the real thing!

Jeff Martin shows hottie husband how to operate the 4-wheeler

Benjamin...my dare devil (this was NOT battery operated)

Elise blows bubbles!

Catching crawdads and tadpoles...

Natalie looks for tadpoles...

This was the FATTEST tadpole I have EVER seen!

Baby Sophia...isn't she cute?!

I LOVED this "wishing" well...
the farm was absolutely GORGEOUS!

Jackson ended the day by a big brave boy, he finally rode the "real thing!"

Thank you Martin family, for a FABULOUS day!!

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