Wednesday, April 7, 2010

A Picture Is Worth A Thousand Words....

Oh, this is going to be F-U-N!!

Over the weekend I did some "Spring" cleaning (I'm going to be really honest with you and confess that there is no such thing as "Spring" cleaning in my house.  My house is immaculate all the time, thanks to OCD.  So when I claim that I have been "Spring" cleaning, what I really mean is I was bored and reorganized my closets, drawers, shelves and storage boxes...sick, isn't it?)

While I was "Spring" cleaning, I came across some old (and some not so old) photos....

....hold on to your hats folks, some of these will make you pee your pants with laughter.  I'm just sayin'...

That's me...I was a witch for Halloween. 
That's my popo, he and my gramma owned a men's clothing
store in downtown Jefferson City called "Czarlinsky's" (that was their last name).

This is me and my baby brother, I was five years old when he was born.  Check out that couch...classy!

Same people...different room, um...I'm not sure which is worse, the wallpaper or my pajama's??

Are you peeing your pants yet?....
Listen, I was the next Shirley Temple...

Funny, hottie husband always says I have a phone to my ear...

See, I was Wonder Woman back then too....
*check out the boots....meow!

This is me on my birthday...looks like the party was at McDonald's.

Fashion Diva...yeah, baby!

Double trouble...seriously.

6 Years Old!

This is me...I nannied for two families that took me to
Florida with them for a two week family vacation...well, vacation for you can see by the frown on my face, I was ready to
throw some children to the fish!

Yep, I had three dates to my Senior prom.
Long story.
The guy I am standing arm in arm with is who I really liked...

See the guy on the left...he's such a goof. 
We got along great!  :)

I loved those shorts.
Good Lord, I look at this picture
and think, "Who is that?"
Oh yeah, that's me...prior to three HEFTY children!

Senior picture. 
True story:  Once I had some women that I work with over to the house,
and one of the ladies was admiring all my pictures.  She came across this
senior picture of me and said, "Betsy, who is this beautiful girl?"
I replied, "that's me!" This was her response...
Yes, it really is me.  Shocking, isn't it?

William Woods College (it was all girls when I attended)
That is me in the middle standing with my suite mates.
(Those were the days that I could still wear horizontal stripes)

William Woods College, Delta Gamma Formal...

William Woods College, me and my roommate

Yes, that's the Delta Gamma sign...
Delta Gamma, that's what I amma.  ;)

Hayden, Benjamin & Jackson...about five years ago!

So much fun to look back!! Wouldn't you agree?!


  1. You have always been gorgeous. Your senior pic was so totally a glamor shot. Love it all!

  2. Oh my goodness...what a blast through the past! Those outfits are cracking me up. Your boys are ADORABLE!

  3. Why can't 80s hair come back into style? It's the only style that I was REALLY good at!
    Great photos!!!

  4. Cute photos! Love the senior picture... so pretty and feminine!

    Great post!