Thursday, December 10, 2009

Veruca Salt...I Want It Now!

My goals of selflessness and being content with what I have are at odds with the fact that I am incredibly in love with "stuff."  I love my stuff.  I want more stuff.  I dream about stuff. 

Let me clarify something...I also like to give to fact, buying for other people and then presenting them with beautifully wrapped gifts is one of my favorite things...but if I'm going to be's the receiving that gets me all worked up! 

And so when hottie husband casually hints around that he needs gift ideas...well, I have found a casual way of hinting to hottie husband what I would love to receive....(after all, hottie husband does read my blog):

1.  Lindsay Phillips ballet flat with interchangeable jewels:  Can be found at Carrie's Hallmark, Downtown

2.  Travel bag for Lindsay Phillips Ballet shoes: Can be found at Carrie's Hallmark, Downtown (hello? All shoes should have their very own separate travel bag)!

3.  Burberry Brit Perfume: Can be found at Dillard's, Capital Mall

4.  Pink stripe ruffle shirt: Can be found at Gap, Columbia Mall

4.  Sequin sweatshirt: Can be found at New York & Co., Columbia Mall

5.  Mizzou sequin long sleeve tee-shirt: Can be found at Carrie's Hallmark, Downtown

6.  Proud as a Peacock Family Tree Print: Can be found online at My Tree and Me (

7.  Heated mattress pad (thanks Leah and Paul)!: Can be found at Target, Walmart, JCPenney

Now, listen up hottie husband...all of these things are things that I "want". I don't necessarily "need" any of these things...just remember where you get your sugar from, babe.  ;)


  1. I've been eyeing those ballet flats too...super cute!

  2. I am going to have to check those MU jewels out for Sarah. Thanks for the suggestion.

  3. I love that family tree print! And umm, who doesn't need those ballet slippers with all the jewels!! Love them!