Sunday, December 6, 2009

Blessed Assurance...

How proud am I of my thirteen year old son?  So. Very. Proud.

Believing that Jesus is Lord and placing his faith in Him, Hayden accepted Jesus into his heart a few weeks ago, and this morning was baptised.

We are so proud of Hayden and his decision.  This is a picture of Hayden before the baptism (freezing in his swimming trunks, ready to submerge into the warm baptismal waters).

This is Hayden and our pastor, Mark.  Pastor Mark is a HUGE reason for our family's decision to make "real life change".  We adore Pastor Mark and his family! (I know what you are Pastor Mark the same age as Hayden?  No...he's my age...he just looks really young...see, being a believer has it's benefits)...(that's just a little humor)....

Hayden walking into the water (not on the water...not yet).  (More humor)...

Hayden proclaims that Jesus is Lord and is immersed into the water...

Hayden is now "right with God."  He has three principles that will now become very important to him.  Foundation, Motivation and Consistency.  If his foundation is the Bible, and if his motivation is being like Christ, and if he consistently seeks to live like Christ, then he will know that Jesus covers his sins, and he will still be right with God.


  1. So proud of Hayden!!! Go God!!!

    Now, about this sucking up stuff saying our Pastor looks the same age as Hayden? How much is he paying you to say that, and how can I get a cut of the pie? (Just kidding PM - I'll explain it someday when you are "older"!)

  2. That's awesome! Congrats to Hayden! So I have a random question to ask you. Not that I want to church stalk you, but I am looking for a church home here in Jeff. I am not from here, and it's been 2 years I am sad to say, and I haven't really found a "home" yet. I was just curious as to what church you go to? I want my boys to grow up and be strong in Christ, just the way I was raised.

    Thanks Betsy!