Friday, December 4, 2009

Celebrity Crush...He's Gonna Hate Me For This One...

I can't just let this least not without a few smarta** comments. 

Did you happen to catch my movie review this morning?  Oh...didn't you know, I'm a movie reviewer on KWOS, a local radio station on Friday mornings...tune in next week, you won't want to miss it.


In my post last week regarding the movie The Blindside, I mentioned that I would have a special guest reviewer today.  If  you were able to catch my review this morning, then you were introduced to Paul (I'll refrain from last names here, but we did broadcast his entire name and place of employment for all to hear on the radio).  Paul was introduced to me by my boss (and friend) Darla.  Paul is a client of Darla's and proclaimed mentioned that he is enamored, in awe a fan of mine. 

Listen...I'm not one of those "big-headed-I'm-better-than-you" celebrity types, I stay pretty grounded, so I did only what was natural...I graced him with an invitation invited him to review a movie with me. 

Of course he lept, somersaulted accepted the invitation and we met at Capital 8 Theatres.  He was all starry eyed when he met me He is a very nice gentleman and I have enjoyed getting to know him...

And his celebrity crush on me is kinda cute.  ;)

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  1. such composure and professional demeanor you possess, Miss Giggles! Kudos from sicky Vicky