Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Shout To The Lord...'s my favorite part of Sunday mornings.  The congregation stands together, the lights are often dim, the praise band stands in front on stage, and we sing our praises to the Lord.  I feel it, I feel the Holy Spirit, I focus on the words that I sing to my Savior.  Often I watch others around me.  Many raise their hands to the skies, glorifying their King, inviting Him into their hearts deeper and deeper.  So full of passion and faith, I envy those that are not "embarrassed" or  too "self conscience" to share their passion and raise their hands, to sing loudly, to open their hearts.   I feel it.  I want to raise my hands to the skies.  I want to open my heart wider.  I want Jesus to know that I love and adore Him...

Two weeks ago I sat in the back of the church, alongside my dear friend and her two precious little girls.  The music was loud, the words were displayed above for all to follow and the congregation stood together, singing to the Lord.  I was focused.  I was deep in the words.  I was singing my prayers and opening my heart...and then I heard a voice.  A sweet, tiny, if it was the only voice in the sanctuary.  I looked to my left, and there, standing next to me was my friend's oldest daughter (she's all of nine years old) and she was singing.  Her eyes were closed, her head was lifted, her little hands in the air and she was singing so loudly to her Savior.  Often she would nod her head as if to validate her love and faith in her Jesus.  She wasn't self conscience, she wasn't embarrassed...she was pouring her heart out to Him.  It stopped me.  I looked at this small child beside me and I thought to myself, "that is what I feel." 

And that little nine year old girl pushed me out of my comfort zone...the Holy Spirit spoke through her to me and I lifted my hands and I sang loudly.  I closed my eyes and I let the tears fall down my cheeks and I prayed deep inside my heart a prayer of thanks to Jesus for placing this little angel in my life!


  1. Oh Betsy, I can so relate. I had the privilege of listening to that same young lady sing her heart out next to me one Sunday just a few short weeks ago. She was on my right and I will never forget it. Absolutely amazing.

  2. I never get tired of it either. Never ceases to amaze me how much she loves to sing to her savior...whether on key or not. She just sings. There is no one else in the room. Although occasionally our eyes will meet and we will sing the words together. I too had tears pouring down my face and sobs that wracked my chest. And she just held my hand and kept going. She is so intune sometimes that her age seems way too young for her understanding. I am so blessed to have her as my daughter and to be reminded by our Savior that He is real! Faith of a child! May she never lose this love for her Savior!