Monday, December 28, 2009

The Birthday Bash Is Over...

The month of December is a celebration of Jesus birth, and on Christmas Day we sing Happy Birthday to our Savior.  That's one thing Jesus and I have in common...we both celebrate the entire month of our birth, but Jesus really goes all out... EVERYONE gets presents on His birthday (I'm way to selfish to share gifts on my day).

We hang lights and sparkly things to honor Jesus.  We sing songs about Him and we even have children dress in His time and reenact His birth.  We eat chocolate, cinnamon rolls, cheese balls, homemade breads, cookies and pastas (afterall, Jesus totally condones gluttony during his birth month). 

Families reunite to celebrate our King...

And then as soon as the last cousin steps outside our front door...I grab the plastic tubs that are neatly labeled and Christmas comes down.  Organized in the proper boxes for next year's celebration.

It's the OCD in me...that, and the fact that our already minute Christmas tree was taking up WAY too much space in our family room...which also serves as our master bedroom and houses our king size bed (you already know this). 

And so Saturday afternoon when hottie husband reappeared from a morning of exchanges and returns, he walked into our home to see Christmas boxed up and put away.  "Christmas is over?" he asked.  "Christmas is over" I replied, "now, lets talk about how we should decorate for my April."

Here are a few photos from our celebration:

My nephew Henry thinks the flash is too bright!

Jackson & Benjamin wait patiently while gifts are being passed out.

Leave it to the 13 year old to not wait patiently
while gifts were being passed out.
Hayden began opening his gifts right away!

This is one of three Christmas trees at my mother's house!

Maudie (my sister's dog) wears a Christmas bow!

My entire family poked fun of my boots...they were VERY warm!

My mother's prime rib for Christmas Day dinner!  Mmmmmmm!

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  1. DId you say your birthday is April? What day? Mine is the 18th? Did Sarah say on facebook that she is the same month too?