Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Spiritual Leaders...

Today I was reminded of how very lucky I am...

February of 2010 will mark one year of my spiritual journey.  Accepting Jesus into my heart and asking for his forgiveness, developing an intimate relationship with my Savior...it has been real. life. change. 

I had coffee this morning with a new found friend, a "spiritual leader" that I can add to my growing list.  I shared with him my testimony and he shared his...and I am reminded how very lucky I am.  I am walking among those that share the same passion for Christ as I do.  I am surrounded by people that love me and share the same values as I do...

In sharing my testimony with my friend this morning I was reminded of how my life was before I was saved.  My heart aches when I speak about my past...and yet I made the point that I believe my past was necessary for me to truly appreciate and understand the gift that I have been given...the gift of Jesus.

It hasn't been an easy journey...of course the moment you declare Christ as your Lord and Savior you immediately become Satan's number one enemy...he will attack you daily with self doubt and temptation.  But understand that you are not alone, you are not defenseless...you have Christ's Word, Christ's love...use it.

I am so very lucky.  I have awesome spiritual giants...role models...they lead me by example, showing me what is possible.  They have cleared the path on the spiritual journey with their own journey and they encourage me to persevere, just as they have. 

If the greatest goal of our lives is to become like Jesus we must find those who are serving him well and imitate them as they imitate Christ. They are seldom found among the high profile, wealthy, influential individuals often held up as "role models" in today's society.  True spiritual role models will usually be found among the low profile, humble, selfless servants who go about their business of following Christ whether anyone is watching or not...and I am so very lucky to be surrounded by true spiritual giants!

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