Wednesday, May 5, 2010


God knows my struggles...

He knows every feeling, every piercing pain, every behavior and the reason for every tear drop.

I ask myself, how am I supposed to overcome this struggle? 

The answer is made clear...

....wait on the Lord.

It seems almost beyond my comprehension...

........I have learned from my past that my efforts to “fix” things on my own only make it more difficult for God to do His work, prolonging the excellent outcome that God desires.

But because I fear Him and because I hold Him in reverence...

....He. Will. Deliver. Me.

Wait on the Lord....

...I will trust in Him completely. 


  1. waiting is tough. but soooo often necessary. praying with you girlie.
    you were so mentioned (not by name) in my blog entry today. Can you find yourself in it?

  2. Waiting, is that like Lord grant me patiences but HURRY!

  3. Waiting is so hard, but it's so amazing when he shows up and shows off. :) Praying for you as you wait!