Monday, May 17, 2010

From The Country Vegetable...

My 8 year old son's teacher emailed me today...

...she shared with me a conversation that took place in her classroom earlier this morning that involved my son...

...I immediately drew in my breath and held it. 

Every day is like "open mic night" with Benjamin, no telling what he said this time...

Teacher:  "Today we are going to learn about family heritage.  For example, my family's heritage is English.  Who would like to share first?"

My son, Benjamin, eagerly waves his hand in the air...

Teacher:  "Benjamin, would you like to share your family's heritage?"

Benjamin:  "My family is vegetarian."

The really hysterical part is that NOBODY in our family is a vegetarian!   

But we are all a little nuts!  ;)


  1. Absolutely hilarious! I used to be an educator and I got some of the funniest notes from parents when their kids were out sick. Thank goodness I never asked them about their heritage. :) blessings, marlene

  2. Gotta love what kiddos come up with!