Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Fill In The Blanks...

(To my dear friend Becky over at Becky's Photography.  I thought of you today, I prayed for you today and I smiled at the thought of you today.  This post came to me while thinking of you and the past year that you have conquered!)

How would you fill in this sentence?

If it hadn't have been for _______, I would never have________.

Interesting.  The words "if it hadn't have been for" and "I would never have" immediately trigger negative word associations.  For example:
If it hadn't have been for an abusive relationship, I would never have quit college.
If it hadn't have been for a chauvinistic boss, I would never have walked away from a great profession.
If it hadn't have been for a drunk driver, I would never have wrecked my car.
But then I thought about this...
If it hadn't have been for Christ's sacrifice, I would never have salvation.
If it hadn't have been for Christ's love, I would never have forgiveness.
The blanks now become a visible miracle or a gift...
And so I began to think of other "gifts"...specifically I filled in the blanks for my dear friend who has struggled this past week, and I've turned her pain into joy...
...with just a few words.
If it hadn't have been for Jeremy leaving me, I would never have been reconnected with true love.
If it hadn't have been for an unhealthy living situation, I would never have had the opportunity to move closer to my family.
If it hadn't have been for Jeremy's hurtful words, I would never have discovered just how strong I am and how important focusing on God's truth is!
It is difficult to see God's work in the midst of your struggles, but know that He is indeed at work!  Want to know a secret?  I believe that some of God's work around Becky's difficulties has been my observation of her struggles...the honesty of her pain and the openness of her prayer requests has been a source of encouragement for me.  God is using my friend to minister to others...I see it and I feel it.
And so here are my words to fill in the blanks:
If it hadn't have been for my dear friend Becky, I would never have been encouraged to continue my own journey, I would never have been blessed with the beautiful gift of Becky's friendship and love!
*Hannah, Becky & Tori
Three BEAUTIFULY strong & courageous girls!


  1. Beautifully stated Betsy about our dear sweet Becky. She is a strong tower and she doesn't even know it!

  2. Both you B girls are awesome! I glad I got to know you both.

  3. If it hadn't been for my ex running away from people's opinions, I would have never found Memorial Baptist Church. And would have never met Betsy and LuAnn and then Patti. I have so much to be thankful for! And you are right! So agree! (Drew liked the post too)