Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Survey Says....

Where is your cell phone? On the kitchen table

Your hair? Thick

Your mother? Crazy

Your father? Intelligent

Your favorite food? Mexican

Your dream last night? Naughty

Your favorite drink? Chai Latte from Coffee Zone...it's the BEST!

Your dream/goal? I would love to sing on Broadway!

What room are you in? The kitchen

Your hobby? Shopping...it's more of an addiction

Your Fear? Spiders, Death, Failure

Where do you want to be in 6 years? I want to be at the top of my sales team, bringing in the largest print revenue!

Where were you last night? Who wants to know?  ;)

Something that you aren’t? I am NOT messy

Muffins? Poppy Seed, HOWEVER...I much prefer an apple cinnamon scone from Coffee Zone!

Wish list item? Kitchen Aid Bowl Mixer (Pink)

Where did you grow up? Jefferson City...born, raised and still here...

Last thing you did? Ate my husbands homemade beef stew!  Yummo!

What are you wearing? I have not changed out of my work clothes yet...

Your TV? Is always on...."Hannah Montana" or "I Carly"

Your pets? Louie

Friends? Dear to me...

Your life? Would make a GREAT book.

Your mood? At the moment I'm feeling a bit sour...

Missing someone? I miss my grandma, terribly

Vehicle? Trail Blazer

Something you’re not wearing? Underwear...I rarely do, it goes back to high school, but don't ask.

Your favorite store? TARGET! 

Your favorite color? Pink

When was the last time you laughed? I "giggle" all the time!

Last time you cried? Earlier this afternoon...around 3 pm.

Your best friend? 15 years and going strong.... LOVE my Amy!

One place that I go to over and over? Brown Printing (duh!)

One person who emails me regularly? Ummm,  I text  ;)

Favorite place to eat? HuHot in Columbia, MO or El Jimador!

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  1. Okay...I know the underwear story but didn't realize that you don't wear it on a regular basis. Not sure I needed to know that about you. :)