Friday, July 6, 2012

"Daddy's Stars..."

Originally posted on July 2, we approach the two year mark of my brother's passing, I reflect on the time past...lost. This is a letter to my brother I posted last year at this time...

A letter to my brother...

Dear Cal,

Last night I had the most amazing time with Sophia and Henry. We laughed, we danced, we sang and we splashed in the water puddles that Nana made with the garden hose. Henry is really opening up...he is growing so quickly, and each day he looks more and more like you. A little chatter box, he has the sweetest voice and my favorite words of his are, "follow me Beth-y!" Pudgy feet, ticklish toes, fiery red hair that is as soft as silk....his smile melts my heart.

Sophia...well, you know how much I love that precious little girl. She's incredibly smart and loves to be read to. Last night as I was resting on the couch, she climbed up into my lap, placed her tiny hands on my face and very matter-of-fact like she stated, "I have an idea!" ....too cute!

Late into the evening, Nana brought out the American flag that was ceremonially folded and given to mom at your funeral. Mom had bought a glass display case to place your flag into to showcase in her living room. Calling Henry and Sophia over, Nana held your flag in her hands and she began to cry...the emotion is still very raw for her. Corinn and the kids placed their hands on the flag...gently running their fingers over each thread.

"A star..." Henry identified the shapes. Through her tears, mom shared with Sophia and Henry that the flag belonged to their daddy....

..."Daddy loves you both so very much," she caressed Henry's precious face.

"Daddy's stars," Henry touched the flag...not fully understanding at the age of two...but knowing who you are and that you love him.

Together, the four of them placed the flag into the display case (mom cleaned it with Windex first...knowing that you would have done the same thing).

...and now, on mother's walnut table that sits in the corner of her living room, carefully arranged with photos of you, sweet brother, stands a glass, triangular display case...

...showcasing "Daddy's stars..."

I love you Cal.

...And I miss you

Love always,


  1. Awesome!!! As I read it through the tears, I can't helpt but wonder what those precious children will remember about that evening many years later.

  2. Love it Betsy! Keep building those memories with those precious stars! Love you!