Sunday, January 23, 2011

Grapes & Cell Phone...

Sophia turned three yesterday!  Such a big girl... I hosted a "Yo Gabba Gabba" birthday party (by the way, if you haven't heard of "Yo Gabba Gabba", you really should check it out...personally, I'm still trying to figure it out).

We invited our cousins, Ella and Grace to participate in the celebration...Ella is five and Grace is three.

Grace and Sophia played very well together, and watching them together was really cute...

...I guess when you are three years old and still learning to talk, the names "Grace" and "Sophia" can be difficult to pronounce....

...and so this is how the conversations were played out throughout the night:

Sophia:  "Bethy (that's Betsy with a lisp), Grapes took my baby doll."

Grace:  (yelling from across the room) "It's not your baby doll, Cell Phone!"

Grapes = Grace
Cell Phone = Sophia

....yeah, I totally get that.
Grapes, Bethy and Cell Phone!

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