Saturday, January 15, 2011

The Dish Ran Away With The Spoon...

Remember back in June when I reheated pizza in my oven?

...since that accident we have been using a toaster oven to cook....I'm not kidding.

A good crock pot has been our best friend for the past seven months...

...but the crock pot meals were beginning to bore us...

So we did what any sane, normal family would do....

...we gutted our kitchen the week before Christmas!  We ate EVERY (and I mean EVERY) meal out for FOUR weeks.  We gained weight from all the processed restaurant food we ate.  We spent THOUSANDS of dollars on the processed restaurant food we ate...

...but we did it all as a family.

And it was TOTALY worth it....

Presenting our NEW and IMPROVED kitchen...(we still have trim to hang, outlets to install and tiles to grout, but you get the idea)

I know that not all of you can truly appreciate the HUGE change...unfortunately I wasn't organized enough to take "before" pictures, but TRUST me when I say it's a difference between NIGHT and DAY!!! 


Thanks to Howell's Carpet for installing the floor tile, Lage's Cabinets for the custom made cabinets and installation, Martellaro Marble & Granite for the granite counter tops and Lowe's for the stainless steel appliances and hottie hubby for the AWESOME tile back splash!


  1. Okay those countertops are to die for!! I so want them. The titles are also right up there with that want.

    Beautiful kitchen . . it would be a joy to cook in.

    Let me know when you are ready for a crock pot recipe, I have a great cranberry pork roast recipe.

  2. Betsy!!! I remember the other kitchen! You had it so cute! This kitchen is beautiful!

  3. Betsy your new kitchen is amazing! I love it! Bet you are glad to have it in working order again!