Sunday, January 9, 2011

2011 Under Construction...

As the new year came upon us, most of us came up with projects for self-improvement, which typically center on health, exercise, relationships, or moral failings that we want to address, having been given yet another fresh beginning...

...I'll admit, I'm the worlds worst at "New Year's Resolutions"...the average success rate for me is about seven days. 

This year I have come to the conclusion that by even stating that I have "New Year's Resolutions", I'm already setting myself up for failure, so....

...I simply made NO "New Year's Resolutions"!


I created a list (I completely and totally heart lists, the pure organization aspect thrills me) that I can strike through when each task is accomplished. 

I guess there really isn't a BIG difference between my "list" and the reference to "resolutions"...but in my head there is a HUGE difference!  ;)

My list contains tasks I wish to cross out by the end of 2011

...tasks that will better my heart....

...not just my heart, but my heart for Christ.

In true "Betsy" fashion, I'm bearing it all...I'm recording my list right here, right now, on this world wide diary...

...and I'm counting on you, dear peeps, to keep me in check!  I would love for you to comment or message me and hold me accountable...ask me how it's going!  I figure if you show interest and inquire, I'll have no choice but to really press forward and complete my list!

Are you with me?

2011 Better Heart For Christ List:

1.  Forgiveness ~ Oh!, the ever revolving door of forgiveness.  I've done really well with parts of it, yet I have a whole new sin of unforgiving that has only recently come to. Inside I feel yucky, I feel anger, I feel complete and utter sadness towards people in my brother's life that chose not to "know" him while he was alive, but think they can have the privilege of "knowing" who he was, now.  A big part of me wants to say to these people, "TOO LATE!  You don't get the honor of knowing had your chance, you made your choice, now move along!"  It keeps me awake at night, the anger that festers within me...I know it's wrong, I pray for God's peace within me, I ask for His forgiveness...but I know until I can forgive, I am at sin with Christ.  I've thought a lot about this, and I know that the anger and resentment come from knowing how Cal suffered from low self esteem, mainly from people in his life that gave up on him.  I also know that this is another stage in the "grieving" process for me, the anger stage.  This forgiveness business is at the top of  my "better heart" list!

2.  Financial ~ Hottie hubby and I are enrolled in a Dave Ramsey class that will begin at the end of this month.  We started the Dave Ramsey "way of living" a few months ago and have seen TREMEDOUS change and success, but secretly I still suffer from "I want it and I want it now" syndrome.  I'm hoping that this class and 2011 will allow me to better my heart towards being patient and saving up!

3.  Acts of kindness ~ My goal in 2011 is to preform one act of kindness once a week.  It can be towards someone I know, or someone I don't know...just a simple act that allows those in my path to know that I love them, as Christ loves me.

4.  Spiritual growth ~ I've already started reading the Bible from the beginning...but the plan is to read the entire Bible in one year!

That's it...and I don't mean it like, that's it....because truthfully, that's A LOT! 

I've got one thing to say to the year 2011...




  1. You go girl! I will check in on you. I am really interested in the Dave Ramsey stuff, too. Miss you at Bunco!

  2. Lovin' your list! And thank you so much for the bible verse!