Monday, November 1, 2010

Halloween & Birthday...

Halloween is also the day of my mother's birth (my sister and I have always said she's a "real" witch...ha!)

...the weekend was filled with family, friends, fun and birthday celebration!!

My brother's son, Henry...strawberry jello, deciding if he likes it or not!

He LOVES the lemonade!

Sophie (my brother's daughter) ADORES her aunt Betsy...
and aunt Betsy ADORES her Sophie!

My niece and nephew (hottie hubby's sister's kids) McKenna & Jamisen!


My mother's birthday cake, created by one of her students!

Cake #2, also created by one of my mother's students!

My mom & dad's new home...LOVE the fall colors!


Dorthy (Sophie) is all worn out from trick or treating...

But...the candy kicked in and she gained her second wind!

Henry the horse!  LOVE IT!

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